Travel Germany - Over 100 Christmas Markets in Berlin – choose your star

It has been said a million times. Berlin is popular with visitors, with immigrants and, well well well even the Berliners love this place. A trip to Berlin is exciting in every season and it is most certainly worth it at Christmas. Wait, there are of course smart people starting to tell you it is all too touristy, and after that they will knowingly explain to you which markets the locals visit. Oh dear, sometimes this is all getting a bit too much. What is it with these people? Trades people are not hanging out in the stalls for days on end in well below zero temperatures to wait for the 5 or 10 Berliners who probably would still buy their goods. They well know that most citizens might have inherited Christmas decoration from their parents or grandparents, so they count on every tourist visiting lovely Berlin this Christmas season. What is wrong with that? Nothing. 

Travel Germany - Over 100 Christmas Markets in Berlin – choose your star

The truth is all Christmas Markets in Berlin are filled to the rafters with tourists and/or locals. All markets are the same in terms of that every single stall holder puts all her/his effort and love into the making of the market. True, some might have to stand next to a big department store with a view of a TV tower, and others are so very lucky to have their stall next to a palace, but it doesn’t make the one or other less or more traditional. This is Berlin, and it is how it is, there are so many different people and boroughs in this city. 

Travel Germany - Over 100 Christmas Markets in Berlin – choose your star

Berlin's Christmas decoration - Christmas delicacies - sparkly markets

Who doesn’t love Christmas? (I know there are the odd few who think this is all bah humbug). Who doesn’t love traditional Christmas decoration, the Christmas delicacies, the sparkly illuminated markets at night and most of all who doesn’t like to drink the very yummy and hot mulled wine … together with the most often historical backdrop of the markets this is probably the biggest draw card.

No matter which one of the Berlin Christmas Markets you plan to visit, it is going to be fantastic. Why not try to be open minded and tolerant? Don’t get upset by the crowds and please don’t think you are a better tourist than the one next to you. It is Christmas time, and surely everyone will get her/his fair share of Mulled Wine (Gluehwein in German). There is enough for everyone and stall holders want to sell it to you. Please, no fighting under the mistletoe. 

Travel Germany - Over 100 Christmas Markets in Berlin – choose your star

So far I visited the Christmas Market Gedächtniskirche, Christmas Market Schloss Charlottenburg, Christmas Market Gendarmenmarkt, Christmas Market Schlossplatz (Opernpalais), Christmas Market "Berliner Weihnachtszeit" Rotes Rathaus, Christmas Market Alexanderplatz, and Christmas Market Potsdamer Platz. These are all different but great places to visit, and there are so many more to choose from in Berlin. Actually no one can really tell which one is the best, I mean how, when there are over 100 of them in this city.

Travel Germany - Over 100 Christmas Markets in Berlin – choose your star

Berlin Christmas Markets: Some of the Markets are bigger than the others, some offer ice rinks and big wheel rides, and some are only open on weekends. Go and have fun, enjoy yourself and find the Christmas Market you love best.

From Berlin with love

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