These are a collection of EYEWITNESS - CITY GUIDES. Let us see what the locals have to say about their home …

Eyewitness MOROCCO

Marrakech. Amanda Mouttaki from Marrakech Food Tours


Johannesburg. Tourism marketer and owner of Rempo Consulting Rebecca Kambule.

West Coast. Tetraplegic and Blogger Whilma Liedeman.

Stellenbosch. Life Coach Marlize Stander.

Cape Town. Tour-Guide Willem Steenkamp

Cape Town. Entrepreneur Jared Chaitowitz.

Mpumalanga. Maryke Wassermann of Papierazzi.

Cape Town. Content writer Lauren Morling.

Johannesburg. Barry Tanner from Bazzlewazzle’s Travels.

Johannesburg. Heather Mason of 2summers.

Cape Town. Patrycja from Travel Opulent Box.

Eyewitness USA

New York City. Nicolette Orlemans


Eyewitness EUROPE

Rome, Italy. Associate Director of Operations Loredana from Walks of Italy.

Friedrichshain, Berlin. Germany. Writer Layne Mosler from Taxi Gourmet.

Lisbon, Portugal. Sam and Zab of Indefinite Adventure.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jessica Lipowski.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Traveller and Tour Guide Rikke from Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Regitse Rosenvinge from Copenhagen.

Soller, Mallorca, Spain. Isabelle Van Passel co-founder of XO Private.

London, England. Paula Gardner from Soothed in the City.

London, England. Writer Jennifer Klinec.

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire, England.  Blogger Ian from Barefoot Backpacker.

Edinburgh, Scotland. Steven from Finding a Neish.

Cambridge, England. Blogger Rachel Brown from Rachel On Route.

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