Travel Great Britain: Street Art in London

It is not a secret when I say a trip to London is so worth it, right? There are millions of people who know that already. When in London it is astonishing that you can walk from street art clad areas to historical places, to the sheer shopping heaven of let’s say Marylebone High Street. Do these places co-exist happily, do they clash, or do they secretly dream that the other wouldn’t be there anymore? Are these places real or are they only there to entertain the crowds? Most often tourists see the exciting sights, and about London people say they "like the punks". Sounds a bit 80s to be honest, where are they?

Looking at street art makes you think about stuff, it makes you questioning things. OK, I get there are people who are oblivious to questioning anything ever. The great thing about street art is that it is freely available to everyone, and there really is no need to buy a ticket to participate and to get inspired. Often it seems street artists have no problem to create impeccable pieces of art overnight. Different street artists use different tools and art forms, to create stories, and so far there is hardly any literature to explain their messages. As in, and we all remember that moment vividly, “please write an essay where you explain what Van Gogh had in mind when he put these lemons next to a vase …”. This leads me straight to my next thought, oh dear, are future teachers going to torture innocent school kids with questions about Banksy’s dreams? So much to think about, isn’t it?

Come with me to look at street art on and close to Hanbury Street in East London

Illustration by Phlegm. Butterflies by (to me) unknown artist

Red Post Box by D7606

Art by JANA & JS

Murals by Martin Ron and ROA (from left to right)

Grafitti by Stik

How do you feel? Does art influence your life? Can’t wait to hear from you. Thank you so much in advance. For many more London ideas you have to read The Travel Writers' Ultimate Guide to a London Heathrow Layover

From Berlin with love