Travel Finland. Eco-friendly Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Rovaniemi

Six kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, in Finland's northernmost province, you find Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Most people come here to experience stunning nature, learn about Finnish design, to eat and to visit Santa Claus.

If you, as I do averse the concept of large hotels and love the idea of a luxurious, ecologically minded and owner-run resort and are looking for a place like that right at the Arctic Circle, then this is the place you were searching for. The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel consists of 35 wooden chalet suits occupying several tracks in a hilly forest.


Travel Finland. Rovaniemi for First Time Visitors

Where is Finland? The Republic of Finland is in Northern Europe shares a border with Norway in the north, Sweden in the northwest, and Russia in the east. It only became independent from Russia as recently as in 1917. The country is so sparsely populated, that one might say Finland is in Europe what Namibia is in Africa.

Travel Finland. Rovaniemi for First Time Visitors


Travel Poland – Kraków For First Time Visitors

Is Kraków worth visiting? Yes. The picture-perfect town on the Vistula River in the south of Poland is one of the oldest cities in the country. 20,000 years ago, the Slavic tribe of the Vistulans settled on the Wawel Hill. Legend has it that their prince Krak killed a dragon and laid the foundation of a city. Over time Krakow prospered and the town grew bigger.

Read on to find out what the story about the Kraków trumpet is all about, and where can you find a ceiling full of golden stars. I tell you where you can find Polish souvenirs galore and where can you eat chocolate ravioli to die for, drink speciality coffee at a hipster café, dine at a candle lit historical restaurant or eat Polish/Asian fusion at one of the trendiest restaurants. You will also find out what the famous Zapiekanka is and where you get it. You will visit Kraków’s most popular flew market and if you want to know how many bookshops Kraków has and how to best pay in Kraków and where and how can you visit the Enamel Factory of Oskar Schindler, please keep on reading.