Travel Spain – A First-Timer’s Guide to Fuerteventura

Serenity, space, freedom, untouched nature… all attributes one wouldn't expect when talking about Fuerteventura. I find all of this and more. Fuerteventura is after Tenerife the second-largest island of the Canary Islands. The island in the Atlantic Ocean covers an area of 1659.74 square kilometres. One look at the landscape and you instantly feel the closeness to North Africa. To reach the Moroccan coast is a skip and a jump of a mere 120 kilometres. The island enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year. That certainly sounds like Fuerteventura is one of the sunniest places in the world. Sunshine is a true drawcard for many.

98,000 people call Fuerteventura home. Archaeologists concluded that the island was visited thousands of years ago by Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans. These days, every year, more than eight million foreigners visit the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura is dependent on tourism. It is popular with all the ones who appreciate a stay at an all-inclusive resort. At the airport, I overheard a woman telling another "It is heaven. It is stress-free. They make sure we get to sit at the same table for breakfast during our 14 days stay." I nearly gasped out loud. Some of the coastal areas are built-up entirely with large hotels. In 1973, the first international flights arrived at the airport of Fuerteventura. Today, more than 40 different airlines from 102 destinations come to Fuerteventura.

A First Timer's Guide to Fuerteventura

Films to watch before you visit South Africa

Nothing in this world is easy. South Africa certainly is hard to understand. True, you travel to Cape Town, you travel to Kruger National Park, and you find nice people and exciting wildlife. You can go home and remember it as that lovely place it is. There will be so many questions nagging you. When we visit a place, we like to understand what is going on. We read the papers and facts but also fiction, prose, cookbooks, and all there is... to grasp what makes a country. Another good way to get a better idea of places is to watch a film about it.

I put together a list of films to watch before you visit South Africa. Films (stories) set in location offer more than a travel guide ever can. All films are tried and tested. If you watch all of these and travel to South Africa, you will have a better understanding of the country and you will certainly feel inspired to talk to locals to learn more about the past. Watch sad, gripping, infuriating, and uplifting stories about poverty, crime, gang life, the diamond trade, freedom fighters, adventurers, forgiveness, the healing power of sport, irrational hate, and true leadership.

Films to watch before you visit South Africa

Travel the World - A few most beautiful bookshops

There is not a day in my life when I wouldn’t read. From an early age, I would answer “reading” when asked for my hobby. Reading is not my hobby; it is as important to me as breathing and eating. I remember one afternoon in Australia. An English friend told me that her boss would visit bookshops on weekends for hours on end. I was waiting for the punchline of the story, but nothing. That was it, that was the story. She was confused and shocked that her boss voluntary visits bookshops in his pastime. That was probably the first time I heard that there was a person who wouldn't hang out at bookshops in her spare time. I told her I search for and visit bookshops when I travel. The silence between us. She tried to control the serious look of doubt on her face. If you are like her, please leave the article now, otherwise, you will end up utterly bored.

If you like reading, check out what comes now.

Travel the World. A few most beautiful bookshops

Travel – Everyday life - Repeat: Living Green at Home and Elsewhere (2)

Many people love to travel, and many tourists care deeply for the environment and the world and her people in general. They do a lot to live a green life at home, and here they tell us what. Let us inspire each other to do better.

Jordan and Daniel from South Africa

Jordan and Daniel met at university in South Africa. Their blog, The Timeless Voyagers proves that even 'eight-to-fivers' can travel and have wonderful experiences. The two geographers love to spend time in nature and to go hiking and stargazing. Be it on the coast, in the mountains, along a river or in a forest. Both say that one doesn't need to travel far, to travel well. At home in Port Elizabeth, Jordan and Daniel love to play tourists. They are in their element when searching for the best coffee shops and visiting farmers markets.

Bloggers Jordan and Daniel, The Timeless Voyagers, from South Africa

Travel Germany – Visit Friedrichstadt also known as Little Amsterdam

You dream of walking through a town as pretty as a photo in a coffee table book? Found it. Friedrichstadt is a town in the district of Northern Frisia, in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. In English it is easier if you pronounce it as Sleswick-Holsatia (as previously known in English). The town is named after Duke Friedrich III. from Schleswig-Gottorp is a dream come true. In the 17th century, the duke wanted to convince Dutchmen to move to this remote region of his duchy. He needed their expertise in designing towns by the water. And he also wanted to make use of their trade relations with partners as far away as Spain.

Travel Germany. Visit Friedrichstadt also known as Little Amsterdam

Travel – Everyday life - Repeat: Living Green at Home and Elsewhere

What I find unusual is that people get annoyed by somebody who cares about stuff. I don't want to feel bad for caring about people, for the environment, for living a green life and for believing in human equality. I’m obsessed with ethical social media. What is wrong with wanting to live in a fair world? Exactly. Nothing. Inclusiveness matters. When a human gets bullied, bad-mouthed or ignored, I stand up for them. It all goes in the same direction. I do the same for the planet. Nothing less, nothing more.

How do you feel about keyboard activists? Sustaining a green lifestyle means a permanent hunt for the latest info. It never ends. Before I buy something, I research what its impact on the environment and society at large is. I strive to do better, almost enjoying this constant state of imperfection. My ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle is a work in progress. It took me years of investigation, questioning, talks, thought, reflection, adjustments and modifications. It would be deceptive to pretend that it can happen overnight that a home and a life become green. Far from it.

The more I read about the importance of biodiversity, the use of pesticides in agriculture, and the impact microplastics have on our organisms and the environment, the less can I ignore the situation we are in. Who am I to disregard scientific facts? I am driven by a happy and positive idealism.

According to the UN, "Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly today and even more tomorrow. People are experiencing the significant impacts of climate change, which include changing weather patterns, rising sea level, and more extreme weather events. The greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are driving climate change and continue to rise. They are now at their highest levels in history."

It is challenging to do better. I made up my mind, it feels easier to change. How do I live green in everyday life and elsewhere? Please read on. I'm a hypocrite, no doubt about it.

The world in photos. Travelling the world. The Touristin. Dorothee Lefering

TravelChatSA: – 1000 reasons to visit South Africa

So far, I have written a few articles about South Africa, these all give you plenty of reasons to visit South Africa. There certainly so many more reasons to visit than the ones I give in my articles. The country has so much to offer. Tourists leave home in search of a wonderful place to get lost. No matter what you are searching for, South Africa is the place where you will probably find it. South Africa is such a beauty. There is so much to see, experience, learn, smell and taste. You find one thing, and you start dreaming of the next, and you can’t stop travelling through South Africa. You long for more.

Invite 1000 reasons to visit South Africa - TravelChatSA