Travel Germany – Insta-worthy autumn spots in and near Berlin

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There are many pretty warm days in mid-October, with temperatures just below 20 degrees Celsius, and it gets slowly cooler towards November. Sometimes temperatures are below fifteen to ten degrees Celsius, so it is ideal to bring a scarf and wear a coat.

433,000 trees line Berlin's streets. Come autumn, the leaves start falling like the Berlin wall and everything looks like a painting. Fun fact: 1900 city-employees are needed to sweep up the fallen leaves and transport them away. Days feel like dipped into softener, there aren't any real sharp contours when one is out for walks in the parks and forests. Everybody seems to just drift along, as there would be no worry in the world. Simply hanging on to the last warm moments, and drinking in the colour of the changing leaves, before the harsh winter is about to come and grips us with its cold hands.

If you like to spend time in nature, you won’t have to go far. I don't like autumn. I love it. Berlin is a super town at this time of the year. Autumn colours are intoxicating and sweet. A sea of blue, red, green, gold, brown and yellow. There are lakes, forests, parks, log houses and most often you are going to be all alone (you might meet some dog walkers). Autumn in and near Berlin makes for perfect day trips and is excellent for hiking and taking photos.


Immersive Travel Germany – The meaning of 9th November

We all want to travel to understand the world around us. Germany is a picture-perfect place for immersive travel. Everything you get to see in this country will change you as a person. Immersing yourself in the German culture will last well beyond your return home. You will have gained a deeper knowledge of Germany as well as of world politics. We all want to live like a local when we go somewhere, Germany means drinking beer and eating pretzels at the Oktoberfest in Munich and fast cars... and so much more.

Immersive Travel Germany – The meaning of 9th November

Your experiences are going to be a bit overwhelming at times, but it will only make you stronger.


Travel Germany. Tips for your Eurasian Crane Safari in Linum

Berlin is exciting, it has got lots of museums, cafes, restaurants, galleries, theatres, monuments, bars and parks. The state of Brandenburg surrounds Berlin, and the good thing is that when one feels the need to get away from the town’s drama, to take a little break, abundant nature is in most cases only a short ride from the centre of town. I have driven down innumerable country roads and walked around lakes and through the fields to bring you the best of Brandenburg in every season. Read on to find tips for your Eurasian crane safari near Berlin. Find out where locals flock, where to best watch the cranes, how many cranes you can expect to be in the area, where to eat organic and locally grown delicacies, where cranes overwinter and what the crane watching etiquette is.

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