Travel Romania - Places to visit in Timisoara

This travel guide is full of up-to-date tourist and general travel information and travel inspiration for first-time visitors to Timisoara in Western Romania. Come for the history and architecture – stay for the multicultural atmosphere.

Unmissable places for your trip to Timisoara. Liberty Square, Palace of Culture and Opera House, Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, Anton von Scudier Park, Victory Square, Bega River, Union Square, Cetate Synagogue.

Timisoara, the university town has a population of about 320,000. It sits at the river Bega in western Romania and is a true multicultural hub. Here live Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, and Slovaks peacefully together. To Romanians, Timisoara means freedom, and the town stands for tolerance.

In 1718, after the Turkish War, Timisoara fell to Austria-Habsburg and was turned into a garrison and fortress town. Some lovingly refer to Timisoara as Little Vienna. And indeed, the magnificent architectural style of the Habsburgs and later the imperial and royal monarchy shape the cityscape to this day. The old town boasts countless beautifully restored pastel-coloured houses in baroque and art nouveau styles. In stark contrast are large unrenovated period townhouses and city palaces. They have yet to be turned into their former grandiose self. What is not to like?

Fun fact for your next trivia night. The town is the city of lights. Timisoara is the first European town that introduced electric streetlights (in 1884).

Travel Romania – Places to visit in Timisoara


Travel Romania - Places to Visit in Timisoara

Travel Croatia – Pretty places to visit on Krk Island

This travel guide is full of information and travel inspiration for first-time visitors to Krk Island in Northern Croatia. Come for the beach – stay for the friendly atmosphere.

Travel Croatia – Pretty places to visit on Krk Island

Travel Ireland: 40 places to visit on the Wild Atlantic Way

This travel guide is full of information and travel inspiration for first-time visitors to the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. You are going to see and hear about lakes studded with islands, the ocean, small islands, abandoned islands, remote sandy beaches, seabirds, goats, dinosaurs, lush forests, green hills, stark cliffs, and monastic ruins, beautiful castle ruins, and lonely cottages: The Wild Atlantic Way sure is spellbindingly beautiful.

And you are going to hear stories about Viking raids, Queens, Kings, brave revolutionaries, sturdy fishermen, and curious adventurers. You are sure going to find your ideal place.

Travel Ireland. 40 places to visit on the Wild Atlantic Way

Travel Iceland – First-time Visitors Guide

This Iceland guide is full of information and travel inspiration for first-time visitors to Iceland. Leaving Iceland is like a return to the real world, it is this beautiful. Iceland is blue icebergs, untouched, wide, and wild open space, long distances, lonely roads, snowy mountain tops, majestic glaciers, glacier lagoons and lakes, black endless beaches, boiling water and steam, the rough North Atlantic Ocean, mystic rock formations, lava fields, wildflowers and moss, cliff edges, birdlife and seals, sturdy and cute Icelandic horses, reindeers, and sheep. You find Iceland on the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Only about 366,450 people call Iceland home and you can add millions of tourists who love Iceland to that number.

Travel Iceland. First-Time Visitors Guide to Iceland

How to be a delightful tourist in Iceland?

Icelanders want to welcome people from all over the world. They are keen to share the beauty of their home country, and they admit that over-tourism is a problem also. This article provides an awesome overview and describes important things to desist from doing in Iceland in just a few lines. Everything you read is inspired by everything and everyone I saw and noticed on my road trip through Iceland. On my way, I spoke to different Icelanders about what I experienced. They all agreed they need tourists to come and visit Iceland, as tourism is great for the economy.

Head of a light brown horse where one blue eye can be seen.. Travel Iceland. How to be a delightful tourist in Iceland.


Travel the Netherlands – Ten places that are beyond beautiful

The Netherlands is polders, meadows, a long stretch of North Sea coast, lakes, canals, and tech innovation. Flower markets can be found in almost every town, and in spring you find colourful large tulip fields behind the Netherland’s North Sea dunes. Famous paintings by artists like Pieter Bruegel, Vincent Van Gogh, Hieronymus Bosch, Johannes Vermeer, and Rembrandt van Rijn transport you directly to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a special place and is widely popular with many. Visit off-season and when visiting hot spots go in the early morning or in the late afternoon and try avoiding the biggest crowds that way.

Here come ten places in the Netherlands that are just magnificent to visit, they are simply beyond beautiful. Of course, it all starts with the all-time favourite one.

Travel Netherlands. 10 places that are beyond beautiful. Facades of red brick houses, facades of green weatherboard homes, windmill, wooden oversized horse, canals, flat boats, white lighthouse, church spire.

Travel Spain – Magnificent places to visit in Lanzarote

In 1993, UNESCO declared Lanzarote a »World Biosphere Reserve«. Thousands and thousands of tourists visit the northeastern of the Canary Islands every year. They come for all-year-round warm weather and sunshine and for black, white, and golden sandy beaches. Lanzarote offers more than 300 days of sunshine per year. On average it rains only 16 days in Lanzarote, that is per year, not per month. There is more than magnificent beaches and superb weather.

The volcanic eruption on Lanzarote between 1730 and 1736 covered the island with a thick layer of lava and ash and changed the landscape forever. On Lanzarote, you can get lost in a through and through mystical scenery. The landscape formed by severe magma eruptions is rather inhospitable. Think of Lanzarote as starkly archaic and at the same time refreshingly eccentric. A visit to Lanzarote is highly recommended.

 Lanzarote - starkly archaic and refreshingly eccentric

One side of Lanzarote is mass tourism, and the other is tranquillity. I divided places to visit into two categories. One chunk is about places that everyone wants to visit (the popular highlights). The other chunk is about places that focus on spending time in the great outdoors.


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