Travel Australia: Average hotel prices in 9 Australian cities

Beaches are endlessly long and resemble paradise and as this wouldn’t be amazing enough, they are most often also deserted. It doesn’t rain too much, and the temperature is pleasant. I don’t want to withhold that winter days can be nippy, but even those are easy to survive without getting frostbites and true, summer days are hot indeed, but have a cool drink and you will get through them more or less with ease. There is rainforest, many unusual and indigenous marsupials, fun to drive dirt roads, a vibrant food scene in most of the cities, and the best coffee in the world. Warning: once you try their coffee, you are spoiled for life. Australia is kind of on every human beings travel wish list.

Talking about Australia, sure, sooner or later someone is going to mention the ridiculously high prices. Australia is expensive, for travellers just as well as for Ozis themselves. Despite that prices decreased over the last years, there is no denying the fact you have to bring a lot of pocket money if you wish to holiday in Australia. Here we have the average prices according to the Hotel Price Index for a stay/night at a four- or five-star hotel in Australia in 2019.

Travel Australia: Average hotel prices in 9 Australian cities.

Have you ever been to Australia? Where did you stay? Can you recommend a pretty hotel in Australia? Do you prefer to go camping? Do you, no matter what, always try stay for free with friends or are you into renting an apartment?

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