Travel Germany. Berlin facts – 13 conversation starters

Updated July 2023. Reading time: about two minutes. 

  We heart Berlin projected in red letters onto a stone structure.

You are at a party or you just visited Berlin, or you are new in town, and you would love to surprise as many as possible with facts about Berlin. Here we go, 13 conversation starters about Berlin.

Berlin Conversation Starter 1

6,000 Visual Artists call Berlin home.

Berlin Conversation Starter 2

On the very rare occasion when I come home in a car, it can take whopping thirty minutes to find a parking spot. Over the last six months, there were two occasions where it took me 45 minutes, and the only thing I could do was to take deep breaths, but very deep ones. I hardly ever use the car (who needs a car in Berlin?) out of fear to not be able to park when I get back, my neighbours must do the same I guess. Statistically, every 3rd Berliner owns a car, but seven out of ten Berliners also own a bike. According to crime statistics more than 26,000 bikes are stolen annually, and that means every 20 minutes one bike vanishes from the streets of Berlin.

Berlin Conversation Starter 3

Berlin is a pretty open-minded place. Berlin's first organization of homosexuals the "Scientific-Humanitarian Committee” was founded on 15th May 1897. Stand up when you see homophobia.

Berlin Conversation Starter 4

Everybody who has ever been to Berlin in winter knows it can get seriously cold. Here are some chilling facts: A blanket of snow covered Berlin for a period of 114 consecutive days from December 1968 to March 1969. In 1908 recording of the weather began (that is what they tell us). Up until 90 years later, it never snowed before the 3rd. October, and that was in 1998. On the morning of 6th March 1970, the highest fresh snow was measured with 49 centimetres.

Berlin Conversation Starter 5

In March 2014 Berlin (as the first German city) got its own Internet domain extension: .berlin. Sounds pretty advanced at first sight, but in reality, the internet is so very slow compared to other countries. It is 2023, and the internet is slow slow slow.

Berlin Conversation Starter 6

According to the police, there are approximately 600 casinos, 300 bookies and 2500 Café casinos in Berlin.

Berlin Conversation Starter 7

Everyone loves this true Berlin icon, the TV tower standing at 368 metres weighs 30,700 long tons (31192t 640.02kg).

Berlin Conversation Starter 8

The number of charging stations for electric cars is expected to quadruple in the coming years from 400 to 1,600. Berlin wants to become the capital of electric mobility. It is not going fast enough. At the beginning of 2023, a total of about 24,900 electric cars were registered in Berlin. Berlin knows we need more than 1,600. So far 2,280 have been installed. Dream big.

Berlin Conversation Starter 9

Since 1985 there is a yellow flowering rose variety named Berliner Luft. In spring, it smells heavenly in Berlin.

Berlin Conversation Starter 10

The river Spree is a federal waterway, bathing is not allowed since that would be too dangerous. Who would want to jump in anyway? There are amazing lakes all around Berlin. Don’t forget to bring your Bikini in the summer months.

Berlin Conversation Starter 11

In the 19th century, a stagecoach covered approx. 100 kilometres a day (only if there was no street robbery or accident). It took almost a week to travel from Berlin to Munich in Bavaria. People back then must have had a different attitude than generation easyJet has. Do not fly short distances (bad for the environment).

Berlin Conversation Starter 12

Berlin has 917 bridges - you guessed it, more than Venice in Italy. 

Berlin Conversation Starter 13

Berlin is considered the greenest city in Europe. 44 percent of its total area is covered with green spaces. There are 1,800 kilometres of forest trails in Berlin. Next time you visit, please do not bring only your dancing shoes but also your hiking boots. 

From Berlin with love