Travel USA: Romance, style and lots of nature at Glen Oaks Big Sur and Big Sur Roadhouse in California

Some places remind me of paradise, when I say that I have to admit I love most places I travel to. Aren’t you the same? A long time ago, long as in over a decade (and more) I went to Big Sur and loved it. I always hoped to go back one day, but so many other trips came in the way. But now it felt just about the right time to see it again. Big Sur is on California’s Central coast and Highway 1 runs right along it.

Sleep: There are a few different options to stay at Highway 1 in California and I am glad I chose Glen Oaks Big Sur. The staff at reception was very welcoming in a warm and authentic way. I instantly felt I had chosen the right place to stay. The Lodge is surrounded by big trees … obviously, since this is Big Sur. My room was spotlessly clean, modern, had a heated stone floor and a massive shower, just what I needed after a day hiking and browsing the area.

Would I recommend Glen Oaks Big Sur to you? 

The answer is a big yes. I enjoyed that there is no TV, no Mini-Bar, no swimming pool, no whirlpool or gym. This truly is a place to recharge and enjoy all things nature has to offer. Ups, sorry, blunt lie ... I loved the free Wi-Fi (I am not perfect).

I stayed in a Fireside Queen room and paid USD 250/night at Glen Oaks Big Sur.

Eat at Roadhouse Big Sur - local organic ingredients

The Restaurant is a half-minute walk from Glen Oaks Big Sur and the food at Big Sur Roadhouse made from local organic ingredients was so delicious that I asked about the chef. I was amazed to hear that Matt Glazer from New Orleans is still a pretty young guy. His dishes are made with lots of imagination. I truly admire chefs who don’t need to use many different ingredients to create something remarkably tasty.

The shaved fennel salad with radishes I ordered as a starter was served to the couple sitting at the next table. I felt too shy to put this straight right away and waited for what happened next. After a while I inquired about my salad and truth came out, the couple at the next table said they thought this was complimentary served, and the waiter said he had mixed up the tables. We all laughed about it. I had another glass of Sauvignon Blanc from a Sonoma County winery and listened to the lovely Jazz music while waiting for my starter to arrive. It all felt right, I didn’t get my starter a minute later and I liked that a lot. This would have shown they make everything in advance and just dish it out, no it took just about the right time to prepare the plate fresh. As a main I had roasted vegetables with raisins and that was just as good as the heavenly Banana Bread Pudding with cinnamon ice cream plus an Espresso for dessert.

Would I recommend Roadhouse Big Sur to you? 

Yes, I will most certainly go again if I am in that area. And yes, of course, I highly recommend it. Everyone who is looking for a cosy, romantic, and stylish Restaurant, where fresh food gets served with a big smile, this is the right place for you.

Have you been to Big Sur in California? Where did you eat and rest your head after a hard day of exploring? 

From Berlin with love