5 top destinations I have to return to because they are so amazing

I often go back to places I love. It is a no brainer for me to pick five places that I would like to revisit.

Cape Town, South Africa. I go there once a year and so far visited a whopping 12 times. Still not enough, trip No 13 is booked. Trust me it is heaven - from A as in amazing beaches all the way through to Z as in zesty people. This is also where I start all my road trips in Africa, a massive bonus.

Melbourne, Australia. The city was my home town for full 7 years, so I like to go back there obviously. It is all about coffee, film festivals, street art and trips to the ocean.

Los Angeles, USA. I was there only for a few days and it felt simply too short. Need to go back to develop a better feel about it. So far I am in love.

Tokyo, Japan. To me this a pretty exotic place, I need to go back to discover more of it.

Namibia. The landscape, people and wildlife of Namibia are all breath-taking. I took this picture in Walvis Bay.

What do you think? Where do you like to go back to over and over again and why?

From Berlin with love