5 top destinations I have to return to because they are so amazing

I often go back to places I love. It is a no brainer for me to pick five places that I would like to revisit.

Cape Town, South Africa. I go there once a year and so far visited a whopping 12 times. Still not enough, trip No 13 is booked. Trust me it is heaven - from A as in amazing beaches all the way through to Z as in zesty people. This is also where I start all my road trips in Africa, a massive bonus.

Melbourne, Australia. The city was my home town for full 7 years, so I like to go back there obviously. It is all about coffee, film festivals, street art and trips to the ocean.

Los Angeles, USA. I was there only for a few days and it felt simply too short. Need to go back to develop a better feel about it. So far I am in love.

Tokyo, Japan. To me this a pretty exotic place, I need to go back to discover more of it.

Namibia. The landscape, people and wildlife of Namibia are all breath-taking. I took this picture in Walvis Bay.

What do you think? Where do you like to go back to over and over again and why?

From Berlin with love


  1. Thanks for the nomination Dorothee, I'll definitely return to Tokyo too if I had the opportunity :)

  2. Wow, your places are so far-flung! I feel like my nominations are boring now ;-)
    I've never been to any of the places on your list. My sister lived in South Africa for 6 months (with my uncle) and likes to go back regularly. I was planning to visit my uncle there, but he moved to Australia before I could!

  3. Hi Franca, it is my pleasure :-) And in Tokyo I recommend the restaurant run by monks.

  4. Hi bevchen,

    How can your destinations ever be boring when apparently you had such a good time there that you would like to go visit again. I really love all of your chosen places.

    Your lucky sister, shame you did not visit her when she was in South Africa. It is such a pretty country. It is excellent your uncle moved to Australia. Now you can visit him. Where about does he live there?

  5. That's a great list - and it's good to see Melbourne there! I would return to Vietnam - Hoi An in particular - and, in fact I returned there twice within 16 months of my original visit! I'm also a repeat returner to Langkawi in Malaysia and New York City. I'd like to return to The Cook Islands. We honeymooned there almost 21 years ago.

  6. Hi Fairlie, I haven't had the chance to visit Cook Islands. I does sound like the most romantic thing to do for your honeymoon.

  7. And I haven't been to ANY of these places yet. The world just offers us up the best of adventures!

    1. Hi Alex, travelling is so lovely. I reckon it doesn't really matter where we go to as long as we don't stand still and waste the precious time we have. Safe travels :-)

  8. I love Melbourne and of course, Istanbul - both places where I've called home! 😊 Happily return to both of those destinations! Oh and NYC too!


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