Travel Australia: Do you know the bull shark?

Endless lonely beach under a blue sky.
A sunny afternoon in New South Wales

Have you ever heard of the bull shark

I only heard of it while I lived in Australia. The bull shark is one of 180 shark species to be found in Australian waters.

The bull shark, which is up to 3.5 m long and 200 kg in weight, has a round, short snout, small eyes. The first dorsal fin is nearly an equilateral triangle whereas the second dorsal fin is smaller. If people are injured by a shark in Australia, or even die as a consequence of an attack, many believe that this must have been done by a great white shark. Often the attack goes out from a bull shark. Since both shark species look alike, confusion is inevitable.

The bull shark lives in both salt and freshwater in New South Wales and Queensland

The bull shark lives in both salt and freshwater in New South Wales and Queensland, most of the times these guys are even happily swimming around in estuaries. Together with the tide, when looking for anything edible bull sharks come close to the shore. They bite their victims while they have a paddle at twilight. You know, I would often jump into the water on one of the countless balmy summer evenings, in the vicinity of a channel, where anglers clean their fish in the murky water. And bang, it could have happened anytime … it would not be the shark’s fault, it is their environment and we are only visitors in their home.

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