Travel the South Pacific - On vacation in Fiji

South Pacific sounds magically and rightly so. While I was there I cried a lot. It was the very first thing I did when I landed at Nadi airport. I went there early November and was greeted by a lady who put a shell necklace around my neck. I was so overwhelmed by her gesture that I could not help but silently weep ... and smile... at the same time.

A ferry took us far out into the ocean, to a group of islands, the Yasawas. When I hopped off the boat on Yaqeta I did not believe my ears: someone was playing the ukulele and a choir sang.

Fiji - A bure on the beach

There I was in a bure, only a few centimetres from the shore. The only thing which separated me from the big blue was a hammock. I went swimming; snorkelled the reef full of colourful fish, went kayaking for hours, strolled along beaches and felt like I was the only person in the world. I dined under the night sky and made wishes while shooting stars fell off the sky, and had no idea they were not meant to come true; I was totally at ease. 

When I left, the ukulele guy played his instrument, I wept and the boat driver comforted me with his smile: There is nothing wrong with you, people are always like that, when they have to leave the island...

Can you recommend a place to stay in Fiji? We stayed at Navutu Stars on Yaqeta.

From Berlin With Love