Travel Italy - A few days in Venice

I love to look at the world. In Venice I overheard a lady saying that everything is so much prettier if only she wears her sunglasses ... some need drugs, she obviously only needs her sunnies.

We took the flight from Berlin at 6.45pm. As soon as we touched down in Venice, we wanted to jump on a vaporetto to Rialto. We were not allowed to jump onboard anymore. They closed the gate right in front of us, the water taxi was full. Instead of enjoying the sunset in Venice, we had to hang out at the airport and wait for the next boat. The sunset was just as fabulous ...

Two hours later we hopped off the boat at Rialto and ran into the first restaurant we found, it was right at the canal. Lucky us, we were their last diners for the day. All waiters were already in high spirits. The hotel we stayed at was only five minutes from the bridge and we managed to find it in just under 1.5 hours. Since it was once the home of Marco Polo, we were too excited to moan about the long search.


The weather was warm and the streets were busy with all sorts of people. I believe I even saw Comissario Brunetti strolling around. I had been told many times that Venice is like an open-air museum, and when I first stood on Rialto Bridge I thought exactly that: this is like an open-air museum. 

Boat rides, towers, canals, squares, coffees, proseccos, tramezzini

We took boat rides, climbed towers, marvelled at the city, its canals and squares from above. We had coffees, proseccos, tramezzini (Venetian tea sandwiches), and ice creams at little cafés, went to bed very late, got up far too early and had the most marvellous weekend trip. I forgot to take the battery for my camera, oh dear. I can not tell you how delighted I am that someone invented the iPhone.

Pink palazzo on a canal with a blue boat

HUge crowds under a European flag on a square with a massive white building

Black cat, grey cat, tabby cat napping and relaxing in a courtyard.

Hundreds of red rooftops around a square with the sea in the distance.

Huge crodw in front of a red brick tower

Two guys walking the streets.

Can you recommend a place to stay in Venice? We stayed at a tiny guesthouse with lots of character, friendly and welcoming staff, clean, comfy bed and lovely breakfast room with a dreamy little balcony overlooking a canal. 

I believed, I had figured out exactly, how to get there. That was totally not the case (but it was fun searching for it). Go on this Prosecco Crawl in Venice I created to try the food and to see many different places in town. If you would like to see more of Venice check out 17 close looks at Venice.

From Berlin With Love