On vacation in South Africa

Ever since I set my first step onto South African soil I am head over heels in love and visit over and over again. I read a zillion books on sunset beach while waiting for my boyfriend now husband to come back out of the icy cold ocean and got uncountable times sandblasted by the Cape Doctor, the strong wind coming from the south east. I got married on a yacht in Cape Town, made friends, bought a Land Rover, visited big parts of the country, stayed at stylishly decorated B&B's, had feasts at outstanding restaurants, and as many braais aka BBQ's at a campfire. I ate a lot of dust, and camped in the wilderness, I sometimes did not take a shower for a few days, I went to a wedding at a winery, bathed in rivers, walked lonely trails, and I had diarrhoea only once (is this too much info?) during all the time I spent in South Africa.

I talk to many people and even every single animal I meet, I am not embarrassed by it at all. And I wave at any stranger I pass by on the mostly long and empty roads. I often wonder where these guys are coming from, they always wave back ... I love South Africa.

From Berlin With Love


  1. Bob Bowdey16:15

    Same here, just cannot get enough! 8 trips and counting, took my wife there on our honeymoon, now after 5 trips she cannot wait to go back. We just hate to come home!

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for commenting. South Africa is so very lovely, let us hope that we can go on many more trips. Please say hi to your wife and fellow South Africa lover. Talk to you soon :-)

  2. Hi, Dorothea! Lovely post, beautiful words. I am here 24 years and can't stop discovering new and wonderful places, because South Africa is so rich and diverse and there is always something new and exciting awaiting you ahead. Greetings!


Greetings stranger. I always try to be myself and to be a tourist as often as I can. I would love to get in contact with lots of hard travelling tourists who love to be out and about as much as I do. I am looking forward to all your comments. Thanks so much in advance.