A collection of EYEWITNESS - CITY GUIDES. Let us see what the locals have to say about their home.

Eyewitness City Guides Morocco

Eyewitness City Guides South Africa

Porterville. Blogger Phil Steyn

Stellenbosch. Life Coach Marlize Stander.

Eyewitness City Guides USA

New York City. Nicolette Orlemans

Eyewitness City Guides Europe

France, Penny Walker from the Adventure Creators

Rome, Italy. Associate Director of Operations Loredana from Walks of Italy.

Friedrichshain, Berlin. Germany. Writer Layne Mosler from Taxi Gourmet.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jessica Lipowski.

London, England. Writer Jennifer Klinec.

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire, England. Blogger Ian from Barefoot Backpacker.

Edinburgh, Scotland. Steven from Finding a Neish.

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