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So far, I have written a few articles about South Africa, these all give you plenty of reasons to visit South Africa. There certainly so many more reasons to visit than the ones I give in my articles. The country has so much to offer. Tourists leave home in search of a wonderful place to get lost. No matter what you are searching for, South Africa is the place where you will probably find it. South Africa is such a beauty. There is so much to see, experience, learn, smell and taste. You find one thing, and you start dreaming of the next, and you can’t stop travelling through South Africa. You long for more.

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Some reasons to visit South Africa

Come along to chat about 1000 reasons to visit South Africa on #travelchatSA. Everyone is Welcome. The more the merrier. Here you can already find the questions we are discussing during the chat.

1000 reasons to visit South Africa - Questions
Red sand dunes, Land Rover, cup of tea, flowers, beach houses, plants, flag lighthouse. 1000 Reasons to Visit South Africa. #travelchatSA
Q1 Celebrate the people of beautiful South Africa in word and image. What makes South Africa unique? #TravelChatSA via @Winelands

Q2 Nature, wildlife, beaches, wine. Tell us your reason why South Africa is one of a kind travel destination. #TravelChatSA via @ DoroLef

Q3 There are more than 1000 reasons to visit South Africa. Share one image to promote the country. Via @blogauthentic #TravelChatSA

Q4 South Africa is heaven for dessert lovers. Tell us about your favourite one. #TravelChatSA

Q5 Share typical South African sayings that showcase locals’ attitude and are reason enough to visit. via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA

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