Creative South Africa. Beautiful things you would want to buy on vacation in Cape Town

Updated March 2021
South Africa is at the very tip of Africa and certainly at the top of every travellers wish list. Every region has its own traditions; all places in this world are full of creative people with ideas and dreams. South Africa is packed to the rafters with creative spirits. Colourful designs and ideas guarantee to make you feel magnificent and full of life. Every year when I visit, I look for something to take home with me, something that will put a smile on my face, on a grey day. I love to buy products that support local small businesses, designers and communities. I have to say one can’t help it; going on a shopping spree in South Africa, it is so very hard not to buy anything. See what I found this time.

Saving a life in your sleep - Goodbye Malaria

There is a sad truth about malaria. Malaria kills one child in Africa every 60 seconds despite being preventable, treatable and eradicable. Goodbye Malaria sources and produces products in Africa to help people achieve healthy and economically stable lives. The team from Goodbye Malaria believe they can solve one of Africa’s biggest problems with creativity. They raise funds that go directly to on the ground elimination teams in Mozambique. I bought Pyjama bottoms in shweshwe design, they come in a pretty cotton bag, and with that I can save a life in my sleep. The initiative also sell hats, slippers, shirts, bracelets, cosmetic bags, t-shirts, dolls and soft toys, jump onto Goodbye Malaria's website to buy one of the cute items on offer.

I bought the Pyjama bottoms at the souvenir store at departure at Cape Town Airport. ZAR 450.

Pyjama pants from Goodbye Malaria

Beaded Wildebeest from Streetwires

Streetwires’ motto “People. Passion. Pride” mirrors that they want to empower individuals through dignified meaningful work. This is the place to get custom made designed bead artwork created by 60 permanently employed artists that work full time at the studio in Cape Town. I visited their studio a couple of times so far and I have to say never in my life have I seen a place where people had so much fun at work. You should visit their studio too, and also have a look around the store or order online, start with browsing Streetwires' website. I bought a few beaded animals over the years, it is an ever growing gang and this time I took home a wildebeest. It lives now together with a springbok, a giraffe, a canary bird and a meerkat.

Beaded Wildebeest from Streetwires in Cape Town

Cushions from heART AT WORK®

While I was at a little farm stall in Montagu I fell in love with super cute cushions I saw at their store. One of the lovely shop assistants had decorated the wall of their cafe with them. I sadly couldn’t take a photo of the display, since there was a sign that asked not to take photos. She has done such a great job, her display made me buy all seven of them. The cushion covers travelled to Europe with me, and guarantee I think of South Africa every day (as if I wouldn’t do it anyway).

heART AT WORK®, a not-for-profit initiative will passionately strive to ensure that economically marginalised mothers from previously disadvantaged communities within the Helderberg Basin, become the custodian of skills, empowering them to earn a sustainable income. This will enable them to provide for the basic and educational needs of their children, while being a present parent and effective role model. heART AT WORK™ will provide craft training, micro-business management skills and foster economic opportunities in order to create a platform for a sustainable income, improving the quality of life for both mother and child. 100% of the profit goes back to the person/s who made the product and the project itself in order to extend heArt At Work’s reach to poverty stricken people in the township. Jump onto heART AT WORKS website to check out their beautifully crafted designs.

I bought all cushions at Rambling Rose, 36 Long Street, Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa. Hours: 8am to 5pm, closed Tuesday. 

Creative South Africa. Beautiful things you would want to buy on vacation in Cape Town

Shika Afrika – because Africa is style

From Congo to Burundi, to Tanzania, to Mozambique, to South Africa with burning passion for African style. Shika-Afrika because Africa is style. As soon as I enter the store on St Georges Street in Simon’s Town I know I would need to enrich my wardrobe with one of these cute dresses. On Instagram Shika Afrika post statements like Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses. I speak to lovely Chanceline Ngoie Thsomba who lived in this area ever since she moved here with her parents as a nine year old girl. When she tells me she just opened her store recently and it is all quite new to her, it surprises me, as the store looks pretty perfect. I tell her how in love I’m with all these fabrics and her store. The shop in Simon's Town closed. Visit Shika Afrika on Instagram and while you are there visit THE TOURISTIN too.

Dress from Shika Afrika - because Africa is style


Home is where the heart is from dishy designs

Unique textiles for your kitchen and home. I love to travel but I also spend a lot of time in my kitchen, cooking, baking cakes, making jam and yes, doing the dishes … so why not cheer up my life with cute tea towels?

I bought the tea towels from dishy designs for ZAR 99 at the picture perfect and fun Oude Libertas Slow Market in Stellenbosch.

Tea Towel from Dishy Designs Cape Town

Visiting South Africa is so very inspiring, and I can't wait for my next trip to the tip of Africa, it will for ever be on the top of my travel whishlist. 

From Berlin with love