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South Africa is a country of exceptional beauty. Her people, her colours, her scents make her one of the most sublime places and travel destinations ever. One of South Africa’s most significant drawcards is her biodiversity. How phenomenal is it, that if you go on a road trip through the nine provinces of the country, you will travel through eight different biomes? These are various ecological life zones, that have the same geography and climate, and in which plants and wildlife form an ecosystem. It is of interest to all of us to preserve the abundance we have in this world.

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Maintaining a green lifestyle means permanently hunting for the latest info. It never ends. Before I buy anything, I research what its impact on the environment and society at large is. I aim to do better. My ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle is a work in progress. Where I am at today, is based on years of research, thought, reflection, adjustments and changes.

The importance of biodiversity, the use of pesticides in agriculture, the impact microplastics have on our organisms and the environment, once I started reading and learning about it, there was no going back. Honestly, I can't ignore what can be done better. I am driven by a happy and positive idealism ever since, and I see it as a challenge to do better.

A green life? Start to buy less

I often hear people say it is too expensive to live a green life, whereas the reality is more, the greener you live the less money you are going to spend. Quality comes at a price; one can’t forget that somebody somewhere pays your “everything cheap”. You become more aware of how you spend, and you start to buy less. Your relationship with goods will change over time. I know there are all the ones out there who will say that what I do is all nonsense, and nothing is ever good enough. They are probably the same ones who will also say that I’m a dreamer. OK then. I keep on visualising and trying hard to change things. It is helpful if everyone starts somewhere, it is better than doing nothing at all but complain all the time. If I want to change the world, I must change myself. I put a lot of time and effort into it, and I’m not saying it is easy; what I know for sure is that it is an enjoyable and exhilarating journey. I love to learn about how to do better and inspire each other.

How does your lifestyle affect the environment?

Urbanisation, deforestation, agriculture, and energy use are major issues and problems the environment faces worldwide. Next time you are about to buy new things, think of the penguins you saw at Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town, think of the lions you once saw in the Kalahari, or that Leopard up in a tree in the Kruger. Think of fynbos, the sandveld, the savanna, the rivers, zebras, warthogs, elephants, hyenas, think of everyone and everything big and small. Hold yourself accountable to ask how your lifestyle will affect the environment.

TravelChatSA: – Green South Africa (Travelling Green)

On the next #TravelChatSA we talk about Green South Africa (Travelling Green). Come along to chat. Everyone is welcome. The more the merrier. This is not a competition, and this is not a place to show off and look down on others. We will inspire each other and find out how to travel more sustainable in the future. Let us make plans what each one of us can do to protect South Africa’s nature. Here you can already find the questions we are discussing during the chat.

Q1 How do you describe green travel to somebody who never heard of it, in a few words? Via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA

Q2 Please share practical tips of what can be done to ‘travel green’ when on holiday as a family. Via @Winelands #TravelChatSA

Q3 Can you suggest the most unconventional mode of transport/ travel that’s sustainable to use especially in city escapes, why? Via @r_kambule #TravelChatSA

Q4 Are there any initiatives that support green travel in South Africa? Via @blogauthentic #TravelChatSA

Q5 Please share photos of green travel experiences in South Africa #TravelChatSA

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