Travel Germany: Where to Eat Vegetarian in Style in Prenzlauer Berg

The Berlin borough of Prenzlauer Berg is probably near the top of every Berlin visitor's wish list. From the Brandenburg Gate it is a short half hour walk, and you will find all the famous sights on your way there (think Bebelplatz, New Guardhouse, Berlin Cathedral, Red Town Hall, St Mary’s Church, TV-tower). If you don’t feel like walking take the U2 and get off at either Senefelder Platz or Eberswalder Strasse. Somebody has probably told you that it is a bit dull, since it all almost too nice in this part of town, everything is so neat. But when you stroll along tree lined streets, full of beautifully restored period properties, bookshops like Saint Geoerge's, boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants, you will see that it is actually not too bad, and rather neat in a charming way. 

Travel Germany Where to Eat Vegetarian in Style in Prenzlauer Berg

There are a lot of restaurants in the town of Berlin, more than 6,000 or so. I love to visit ever new ones, but find myself often guilty to go to the same places. It can happen that strangers, often the ones who are carrying a paper-street map, ask me for a restaurant recommendation, and in that instance I recommend my favourite ones over and over again. Read on and find Russian, Asian, French, Turkish, Spanish and German food in Prenzlauer Berg.

Akemi – Asian Soul Kitchen in Prenzlauer Berg

What is it all about: Asian Fusion.

How does it feel: There is a lot to discover in this dark blue painted restaurant, lots of wooden trunks, colourful vases, red upholstering, fresh flowers and I simply adore the beautiful mural on the left side of the counter. The welcome is warm and you will feel relaxed being here, the owner Xiaofen Fan greats everybody with a big smile. Great for a romantic night, a bite with a friend, as well as for or dinner with work mates or clients.

I recommend: Rice paper summer rolls. Edamame. Veggie Inside Out Roll. Vegetarian Makis, sushi rolled in Nori leaves, the Avocado-, Cucumber-, Radish-, and Wakame. They are served with pickled ginger and Wasabi paste and soy sauce.

Details: Akemi. Rykestrasse 39, 10405 Berlin. Hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm to 12am. Expect to pay EUR 15 to EUR 25 per Person.

Akemi, Prenzlauer Berg

Poulette – Eat French in Prenzlauer Berg

What is it all about: French food and French wine.

How does it feel: A place that could easily come straight from a picture book. If I were to describe the quality I would call it a grand brasserie, if I were to describe the atmosphere I would call it a charming one. Poulette - the chick - is the nickname of the daughter of the painter Bertrand Meyer, who painted the walls of the restaurant with beautiful flowers. People who work here know how to entertain guests.

I recommend: Their menu changes; the food is always a really pleasant surprise. The baked goat 's cheese–crème with plum jam, as well as Crème Brulee for dessert are amongst the options.

Details: Poulette. Knaackstrasse 30 - 32, 10405 Berlin. Hours: Monday to Friday: 12pm – 11pm. Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 11pm. Expect to pay EUR 30 to EUR 60 per Person. 

Poulette, Prenzlauer Berg

Osmans Töchter – Eat Turkish in Prenzlauer Berg

What is it all about: Anatolian cookery combined with recipes from the Mediterranean.

How does it feel: Go to this place for a great night of loveliness. The interior is a perfect combination of colorful cushions and chairs, wooden tables and industrial style walls and lamps.

I recommend: Order a table full of meze and enjoy the night.

Details: Osmans Töchter. Pappelalle 15, 10437 Berlin. Hours: 5.30pm – 12am. Expect to pay EUR 20 to EUR 30 per Person. 

Osmans Töchter, Prenzlauer Berg

Pasternak – Eat Russian in Prenzlauer Berg

What is it all about: Russian and Jewish Food.

How does it feel: You find the restaurant, named after the Russian poet and author of the famous novel "Doctor Zhivago,” between Germany's largest synagogue and Berlin’s oldest water tower. This is like dinner at your great grandmother’s. An unfailingly friendly place, and as this wouldn’t be enough already, a piano player adds to the somehow enchanting atmosphere.

I recommend: Vegetarian Borshtsh. Homemade Wareniki (dumpling) with potato filling. Blini (pancake) with almond quark and hot cherries.

Details: Pasternak. Knaackstrasse 22. 10405 Berlin. Hours: 9am to 1am. Expect to pay EUR 30 to EUR 50 per Person. 

Pasternak, Prenzlauer Berg

November – Eat German in Prenzlauer Berg

What is it all about: German food.

How does it feel: This place, named after its opening month (in 1993), is a happy, welcoming no-frills place. It is cosy in winter with candlelit tables. The view from the terrace is a phenomenal one; you sit right on one of Berlin's prettiest street corners. The friendliness of the waiters makes my heart sing. Why can't all people be this gorgeous?

I recommend: Mustard eggs with mashed potatoes (waxy textured eggs, a creamy mustard sauce and fluffy mashed potatoes).

Details: Husemanstrasse 15. 10405 Berlin. Hours: Saturday 10am to 1am. Sunday 10am to 12am. Monday to Friday 6pm to 1am. Expect to pay EUR 15 to EUR 35 per Person. 

November, Prenzlauer Berg

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