Travel Croatia - Where to Eat Vegetarian in Split

Travel Croatia. Where to Eat Vegetarian in Split

Uje Oil Restaurant and Wine Bar

This place is as perfect for a romantic dinner as it is for foodies searching for the best olive oil in the region. There are three different properties and lots of outdoor seating in the two narrow lanes at this corner location in the old town. I booked on both occasions I visited and it appeared that was the right decision since it is so popular. This Wine Bar and Restaurant is probably the best place to learn about the quality of Croatian olive oil and local delicacies.

We sit at a candle lit table right by the huge window, and another special touch is a massive bunch of thyme in a huge glass vase. There is no vegetarian main option on the menu, and when I booked the table the lady I spoke to promised to organise something vegetarian for the night, when we arrive the waitress tells us that the lady forgot to tell the chef about it. This is sad, but I happily get through the evening with starters from the menu.

To begin with we have three different preparation-types of olive oils and this already shows that someone poured all his love into the olive oil theme. Instead of simply offering three different olive oils in a bowl, one variation was foamed; the second was made into butter and the third was slightly seasoned. The white bread the olive oil creations came with was rustic and crusty.

The Bruschetta made from tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil and peppery olive oil and wide chunks of oven warm white bread is served on a thick wooden plate.

The olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice as the dressing of the beetroot is easy and delicious. The plate of cottage cheese and beetroot is sprinkled with spring onions and that gives the dish a little bit of extra sharpness.

We drink Sauvignon Blanc from Istria, a refreshing wine from winery Matošević that is  recommended to us by the welcoming and chatty waitress. The restaurant and its food truly reflect the passion for local produce and especially olive oil. I bought two olive oil bowls at the store and the only problem I have now is to find Croatian olive oil and wine at home. You gotta love it.

Info Uje Oil Restaurant and Wine Bar: Dominisova 3, Split. Hours: 9am till 12am. For more info visit their website.

Beetroot and cottage cheese at Uje

Augubio Congo

In the second half of the 15th century a merchant built the D’Augubio palace in Split’s Old Town. Patrons enter the restaurant through its romantic courtyard. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed; the interior is stylish and creates an excellent contrast to the historic backdrop of the grounds.

The moment we arrive the waiter looks after us, and I can say, without exaggerating, it was with great care. He explains every little detail of the food, and that seems so very authentic, he just gives me a really good feeling.

We start with young cows' cheese marinated in parsley, briefly grilled and served with beetroot sauce. Simple but impressive, we are longing to try more food. The Gazpacho is of a great consistence and is served at the right temperature; one can really taste the vegetables.

They truly love it simple in this place. Out of a few ingredients they create a main course. The homemade Gnocchi with rocket, almonds and Parmesan are surely unusual however it surprises me how well this combinations turns out to be.

We drink a Croatian Sauvignon Blanc Galić.

Info Augubio Congo. Dioklecijanova 1, Split. Phone:+385 91 332 0535. Hours 8am to 10.45pm. For more info visit their website.


This is a super cute lunch spot on Pjaca Square in the centre of the Old Town. I have the Green Sandwich. Estragon mayo sauce, avocado, hard sheep milk cheese on toasted whole meal bread plus a cup of fried skinny chips with a cup of tomato sauce. It is obviously very busy at lunch time, and I have no idea how the service manages to be prompt and all smiles but they do. The food is served in beautiful enamel dishes and tastes freshly made. The Espresso was yum too.

Info BEPA! Narodni Trg 1, Split. Hours: Friday and Saturday 8am to 1am. Sunday to Thursday 8am to 11pm. For more info visit their website.

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