Best places to travel to from April to June 2016

We are well into the New Year, and it is time to plan further ahead. Look what I discovered in 2015. I had the most magnificent travel year and so many outstanding experiences. I highly recommend each single one to you. See where I went in 2015 (and read all about it on my Instagram account) to get inspired for the year ahead. It is all about planning at the right time. I already introduced January to March, and now we will go on with April to June … Have fun.

From April to June I recommend to visit Bologna, Naples, Positano and Florence in Italy. Innsbruck in Austria, Ribbeck in Germany. Chorin in Germany. Hattingen in Germany. Leipzig in Germany. Szczecin in Poland. Helsinki in Finland and Madrid in Spain.

Where to travel to in April 2016

Where to travel to in May 2016

Where to travel to in June 2016

What do you think? Can’t wait to hear from you.

From Berlin with love

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