Travel Scotland: Where to Find Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh

Have you heard of Greyfriars Bobby? There was this Edinburgh policeman, John Gray, who died in 1858. After he was buried in Greyfriars cemetery his dog, a Skye Terrier called Bobby, kept watch over John Gray's grave until (his own death) in 1872. I love all tales of devotion and faithfulness, and I wonder how come that a dog mourns his owner for a whopping 14 years? Would he not have needed a bit of time with him before that? What is the life expectancy of dogs? 

Greyfriars Bobby Edinburgh pub

Who is Greyfriars Bobby

Probably Bobby was a stray dog who made a home for himself in the graveyard, the people treated him well and he stayed. Whatever the truth might be, it is the most wonderful story. Everybody who shared life with a pet knows the unconditional love of her or his companion.

Greyfriars Bobby Edinburgh facade

The Greyfriars Bobby is a Pub on 30 - 34 Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2 QE. 

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