Chic Rodo Hotel Fashion Delight in Florence

You have heard of the Piazza del Duomo in Florence, right? When I travel I love to stay right in the middle of town. I love to be where it all happens. I look for places where I can pop into a Café when I feel like I need to have a quick Espresso, or into a Restaurant for dinner and not to have to walk so far back home after the feast. I feel that stepping out of the front door to visit galleries, museums, browse delicacy-stores, buy shoes or a handbag without having to swing long distances is pure bliss.

In Florence the best option would be to camp in the hall of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower on Piazza del Duomo, but this is obviously not going to happen any time soon (I haven't heard of any plans turning that place into a hotel). The other option is to stay at
the Rodo Fashion Delight Hotel. The ancient tower from the 11th century turned into a hotel is only a few metres from Piazza del Duomo, as in literally only 26 metres or so, it might be 29 metres ...

Every traveller is searching for that unique experience and here at Rodo Hotel they make that dream come true. I felt so lucky to have found them after an online browse. Their website looked so fantastic, that I booked my stay without hesitation. The property doesn’t look like a hotel from the outside, simply look for their sign at the facade. The reception on the first floor is to be reached with a pretty looking old fashioned lift which gives you this happy making nostalgic feel. I took the wide staircase. The charm is that this is also all part of someone’s private home, I only ever experienced this is in Som Nit Born in Barcelona.

Genoese designer Mario Sturlese decorated Rodo

After check-in you make your way up to the third floor (again via the lift or the staircase) where everything is stylishly decorated in beige, blue, grey, gold and soft silvery tones. The colour scheme of the hotel is so very soothing, everything is so authentic, and I feel instantly at home. The Genoese designer Mario Sturlese decorated Rodo. I love that he brought pieces of vintage furniture back to life, and mixed them with flowers, wallpaper and fabrics. He threw these together with the same excellent result chefs get after putting together the right ingredients for a wonderful meal. Depending on the time of day, my room seems to glow in all different shades of warm gold. Best of all: I stay in a room with a view Lucy Honeychurch would have killed for.

The bathroom is all grey, and has a huge shower. It is lovely to pick the warm towel from the heated rail, after having a shower with the enticing smelling shower gel, it sort of smells like a perfect spring day. I can keep my uplifted spirit thanks to the hairdryer. What? If I can’t stand one thing while travelling it is these flimsy hairdryers they most often offer in hotel rooms. I would be so interested to know how many hours of my life I spent dangling with my head over a toilet bowel because of the too short cable of the device, not to mention how useless these dryers are. In this bathroom everything is functioning perfectly fine. If you have longer hair, you know what a joy this is.

Breakfast at Rodo - cake specialities plus delicious Espresso

Getting up in the morning after a good night’s sleep in the comfy and big beds is easy since you can look forward to a breakfast with lots of organic choices, cereals, homemade cake specialities plus delicious Espresso made by the super friendly staff. If the weather is sunny and warm enough, there is even a picture perfect terrace with a view of the surrounding area. You know that feeling when you visit a new stylish hotel in one of these many perfect European towns and the staff’s behaviour spoils the whole stay with their pretentiousness? People here are as authentic as one can be, and that for me makes my stay perfect. 

Verdict: I would stay at Rodo any time again. There is actually nothing I don’t like, oh no, there is one thing: If the Wi-Fi would be password protected I would be even happier. This is the perfect choice for a city trip if you like to to stay right in the centre of town and travel in understated style. 

Info: Rodo Hotel Fashion Delight in Florence. Via Dei Calzaiuoli 13, 50122 Firenze, Italy. There is private parking/valet service. Just let the staff of the hotel know in advance and they will sort it out for you.

What should you do in Florence? Wouldn't you want to be In Florence with Charles?

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