Travel Australia: 9 things Melburnians and visitors love to do. The city is excellent for …

Melbourne was awarded Most liveable city in the world several times. The Economist Intelligence Unit looked into the potential of 140 cities in the categories of stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education and infrastructure to find the one place with the best quality of life. 

Melbourne, Australia has been voted the most liveable city for seven years in a row. The result is interesting to companies. Multinationals can consult the collected and processed data and use it before they send employees on assignment.


This is the result of the Global Liveability Ranking 2017: 1. Melbourne, Australia 2. Vienna, Austria 3. Vancouver, Canada 4. Toronto, Canada 5. Adelaide, Australia 5. (or is it 6.) Calgary, Canada 7. Perth, Australia 8. Auckland, New Zealand. 9. Helsinki, Finland 10. Hamburg, Germany.

The tyranny of distance

Melbourne is the perfect place to live albeit I have to admit it is a tiny bit out of the way to put it super mildly. If only there would not be the tyranny of distance to the rest of the world. It is a city of many contrasts where old Victorian style lives right next door to minimalist modernism

Melbourne is a place where the grunge hipsters don't mind to drink their coffee together with retired folks, as long as the coffee is of excellent quality everyone is fine with each other. It is a city by the water, so there is a real beachy vibe but at the same time there are also many people who hardly ever visit the beach. T

here are pockets where it feels like you are even a million more miles away as you already are in Australia, and then there is the inner city with street art and stores and offices and restaurants and glitzy lights.

9 things Melburnians and visitors love to do. The city is excellent for…

1. Drink a cuppa of coffee or two. Where else will you get this quality?

2. Film Festivals. I highly recommend the French, German and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

3. Watching friendly lorikeets. They are everywhere. In other countries you will find the poor buggers caged, here they fly around freely and shriek as loud as they can. They enjoy their freedom.

4. Have a night out at a rooftop bar, no matter the temperature, it is fun.

5. Balmy summer nights at the open air cinema at the Royal Botanic Gardens. On most nights it gets terribly freezing after sunset but looking at the hundreds of bats flying over the garden makes up for feeling uncomfortably cold.

6. Beach walk, true. Walk from Port Melbourne to Brighton and see it for yourself.

7. Grocery shopping at markets, be it at the Prahran Market or at the South Melbourne Market, The Queen Victoria Market or one of the many others, you will surely fall in love with this lifestyle.

8. Christmas lights. Do I need to explain this?

9. Driving on a formula one race circuit and that for free. The hole set up of the circus starts weeks before the F1 race itself. Up to the point when it all starts and the area gets closed for the public everyone’s free to drive along Albert Park Lake.