Travel etiquette - 8 tips for sightseeing in crowded areas

There are obviously many people in this world who are not used to crowds, and they don't realize they often accidentally stop masses when they are in public. Each and every one of us has to share the space in this world with a massive bunch of other people. How many billions of us are out there? It certainly is a great idea to be sensitive to other people. Here are 8 questions. If you answer all of them with a no, you are good to go sightseeing.

Large crowd of tourists sitting on steps in front a white building under a blue sky.

Tips for sightseeing in crowded areas

1. Do you have to block small lanes or bridges by sitting and drinking or eating on steps or the pavement? Would you sit down in the entrance of your GP and not give way to other patients?

2. Do you have to pose for snapshots in narrow lanes, on crowded bridges, or on busy streets, while the photographer plays with the camera? Don't you care about the hundreds of people waiting to get on?

3. Do you have to form a front-line with your mates, when strolling through a busy or narrow lane, in a way that others aren’t able to overtake but build pedestrian traffic?

4. Do you and your friends all have to stop at the same time, when one of your group sees something alluring in a store window so that it does get even more crowded?

5. Do you really have to push others away at a bakery, ice cream parlour, Pizza stand or similar, to see what’s available. Why, out of all people who are queuing, should the store owners not serve you? You reckon they won’t need your money to make a living? You feel more important than the others?

6. Do you have to enter at the exit side when waiting for a taxi, the bus or a boat to have a collision?

7. Do you have to argue with clerks/officials who ask you for whatever is required by the country’s law, and make other people wait even longer in a queue? Do you believe you have the power to change their regulations on this particular visit?

8. Do you carry your backpack on your back in crowded areas because you enjoy pushing it into the faces of fellow tourists or locals?

You are not the only one in the world, make life more pleasant for everyone around you. If your answer to one or even more of the questions is yes, please go back to question 1 and rethink. You probably live in a state of ignorant bliss.

What are your suggestions for sensitive behaviour in crowded areas? Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love