Eyewitness South Africa: Interview with Patrycja Oosthuzien from Travel Opulent Box

Dorothée Lefering: For how long have you been living in South Africa?

Patrycja: I moved to South Africa in December 2007, so it's been almost 12 years now and I am loving it.

Dorothée Lefering: Why and when have you had the idea for the #TravelChatSA on Twitter?

Patrycja: South Africa is a truly beautiful country. I fell in love with everything: people, nature, spectacular views, weather, and lifestyle. 

I was always the type interested in everything, I love discovering new places, meeting new people, sharing my experiences with everyone and that is why I created #TravelChatSA - where people can simply share their knowledge, exchange opinions and discover new, hidden gems, give each other advice and interact with each other.

Dorothée Lefering: What are your three top tips for people travelling to South Africa?

Patrycja: No 1: plan in advance and do your research – South Africa has so much to offer giving you endless options for most memorable experiences.

No 2: there is no specific time for a visit to South Africa - every season is different and South Africa is one of these destinations where you can have a great time all year round. 

No 3: If you can, contact travel agents, get advice from friends, bloggers, locals - we love sharing info about our country.

Dorothée Lefering: When I look at prices for a stay at a B&B in Cape Town, often in high season they are at ZAR 1200/room/night or even more. I wonder how locals can afford to stay at these places. Do you also feel that travelling for South Africans in their own country needs to be affordable?

Patrycja: Totally agree. High Season in SA can become quite expensive - and looking at an average person it is very difficult to travel. That is why most of us travel during South African winter - when the prices are lower and lots of specials on offer - We call it a Secret Season.

Dorothée Lefering: Let us talk about tipping culture in South Africa. I travel regularly to South Africa. Over the last decade, I asked so many different people about how much to tip and every time got totally different answers, ranging from ZAR 3 to ZAR 30. What would you say is a good amount to tip a a) Waitress/waiter, b) Parking guard, c) Maid at a B&B.

Patrycja: I would say 10-15% tipping is practised in South Africa - and if you think service you received is excellent, more.

a. Waitress/waiter 10 - 15%
b. Parking guard R2 – 3, also depends on how long your car was looked after
c. Maid at a B&B R20 - 30

Dorothée Lefering: South Africa is famous for wide-open spaces and magnificent ocean views. Where would we find you? At the ocean, in the desert or in the countryside?

Patrycja: I am a country girl, so I love the mountains, the countryside - everywhere where it is green, and close to nature.

Dorothée Lefering: Koeksisters or Rusks for afternoon tea?

Patrycja: I am addicted to Koeksisters

Dorothée Lefering: Thank you so much for your time Patryjcia. All the very best with #TravelChatSA and travel opulent box.

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