The “The Road Less Travelled" Twitter Chat. About Accommodation

Recently I found “The Road Less Travelled Twitter Chat (#TRLT)” founded by Shane Dallas aka TheTravel Camel.

I joined for a chat. Today I decided to put my answers on my blog. Hey why not? Give it a try, it’s fun and feels utterly amazing sitting at my desk while talking to people from all over the world. For a few moments this huge world gets small and cosy. It really feels like we are all in it together.

Today’s chat was about accommodation and this is what I had to say:

Q1: How do you find and choose accommodation on The Road Less Traveled?

A1: I listen to friends, browse travel mags and blogs to find accommodation.

Q2: What type of accommodation do you prefer to stay in – hotels, homes, friends?

A2: Depends on where I am, when I am really remote I prefer to sleep in the car.

Q3: What is the worst accommodation you have stayed in on The Road Less Traveled? Share a photo!

A3: I met this “beauty” while taking a shower (in Botswana)

Q4: What is the best accommodation you have stayed in on The Road Less Traveled?

A4: Luckily I made a lot of great experiences over the years; this is a recent one; I just got back from a Christmas vacation.

Q5: What accommodation advice can you give for The Road Less Traveled?

A5: Use your gut instinct when looking for accommodation.

From Berlin with Love