Stargazing in South Africa

As soon as the night fell I let out a loud and long whoa. And now days later, when I close my eyes I can still see the sparkle. I can still feel the same excitement I felt when gazing at the wide night sky in the quietness of the African wilderness. The lack of light pollution in some parts of South Africa means amazing intense star-gazing. The Milky Way is outstandingly bright.

I wonder what would be if everyone would stargaze every night. Would the world be a better place, as in more honest and peaceful?

The silhouette of a Land Rover and cooking pots with the sunset in the background.
A clear night - excellent for stargazing

For a brief moment, I wished I would not have taken so many trips previously and better saved up for a tripod to take shots of the night sky. I didn’t. This guy obviously loves photographing night scenes; please follow the link

What is more important to you? Buying stuff or creating memories?

From Berlin with love