Travel Denmark. Hej Copenhagen – Stay at retro Hotel Alexandra

For days I surfed the net and asked friends and acquaintances in order to find the perfect place to stay in Copenhagen. I could still not make up my mind. At one point I had a pretty brilliant idea. I vowed to book the first search result, which comes up on the hotel booking page. I typed in Copenhagen and the first result was a stylish looking hotel. It could have gone horribly wrong really, it was thrilling. I am happy I 'dared' to book our stay. 

Hotel Alexandra is in a great location, close to the Tivoli, the famous amusement park. 

The staff was lovely, public spaces are stylishly decorated. Our room looked like straight out of the seventies, it is not posh but rather quirky, full of furniture which looked slightly thrift-shop-ish but at the same time sophisticated. Guests get free Wi-Fi.

H. C. Andersens Boulevard 8
1553 København, Denmark

Hej Hej. From Berlin With Love