Travel Denmark. Hej Copenhagen – How I fell in Love in just one Weekend

The very first thing I noticed is that no one smiles back. It hit me like a hammer when I over and over again smiled into lots of unmoved faces. I later read that Danes are independent and not so much into serving others; hence why shall they give a smile to a stranger? They seem not to be so much into social pleasantries as I am used to from Australia. 

As soon as I started interacting with people at stores, cafés or restaurants I experienced everyone as friendly, approachable and easy-going (Hey, it’s Copenhagen).

Copenhagen - Minimalistic, architectural and elegant

The weekend I spent in Copenhagen, was a sunny and warm one. I strolled around the city; there is contemporary design and architecture to be found everywhere. At pretty much every corner you’ll see for example pieces by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton or Georg Jensen and that next to castles, palaces and churches. Many people are dressed minimalistic, architectural and elegant, it looks like an effortless mix of Malene Birger, Baum und Pferdgarten and COS. Restaurants and cafés are just as stylish. All coffee I drank in Copenhagen was yum, and food was excitingly different to what I have eaten so far, it seemed much focused on local ingredients. (Hey, it’s Copenhagen).

A friend recommended Madklubben

After we walked for hours and even visited the Little Mermaid we whiled away a few hours at an alfresco bar with a view of the harbour, all guests were having a great time and a DJ was playing. A friend recommended having dinner at Madklubben, when we went there I had a delicious risotto and luscious rhubarb dessert to finish the meal. All ingredients were thrown together amazingly well. The restaurant is decorated just beautiful; all clean lines and no kitsch at all. (Hey, it’s Copenhagen).

Copenhagen is only a 40 min flight from Berlin, hope I will find the time to visit again soon. The train ride from the airport is short and the train stops right in the middle of town. No transit bus or other complicated (and commute lengthening) modes of transport to get you where you want to be.

Denmark, the happiest nation in the world

Did you know that Denmark together with Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands has been ranked as the happiest nation in the world (World Happiness Report, UN Conference on Happiness)? While I had my first ever liquorice ice cream shortly before we had to leave Copenhagen, I thought from what I have gathered in the short time I spent there, I understand why.

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