Copenhagen. Breakfast and a browse at TORVEHALLERNE

There is this friendly neighbourhood market I just stumbled across by chance. What better way than to start the day with breakfast in town ...

The two steel market halls, which resemble greenhouses, form TORVEHALLERNE. Here you get pretty much everything you would expect to get at a neighbourhood market. Bread, fruit and veg, coffee, flowers, cheese, cupcakes, juices, olive oil. 

While I stroll around to take a few pics I even got invited to do some more. I love this friendly and open minded attitude of the stall holders. They most certainly were not your average “don’t-take-a-pic-I-am-special-and-stash-up-the-apples-in-a-very-certain-way-person.”  

Having a coffee and watching the people, old, young, couples with their babies in prams, locals and tourists doing their grocery and/or souvenir shopping for the weekend, it was an excellent start into the day.  

TORVEHALLERNE. Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 Copenhagen.

Hej Hej. From Berlin With Love

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