December 6th - Germany celebrates Nikolaos of Myra

This is a really popular tradition in Germany. Today Germany celebrates Saint Nicholas aka Nikolaos of Myra aka Bishop of Myra. He was famous for his secret gift-giving until he died on 6th December 343. When his parents died of the plague, Saint Nicholas inherited money and donated it to the poor. He saved several young people from poverty in his home town of Patara, by secretly throwing money through their window.

On the evening of December 5th people celebrate Saint Nicholas eve, with sitting together, singing Christmas carols, and merrily eating delicacies like roast apples with raisins and marzipan. Children (and grown-ups too) leave their boots in front of their door overnight, and parents, relatives, partners place something sweet in it. On the morning of the 6th December everyone is getting a lovely surprise. The lucky ones get enough spicy Christmas chocolate and walnuts which will last, till they get more of it on Christmas Eve.

I met these happy Santa Clauses in Melbourne, Australia (I hope this is the plural of Santa Claus). They didn't mind to end up on a travel blog at all.

From Berlin with love

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