Murals in London’s East End - Free Self-Guided Tour

London's East End (and with it Shoreditch), is the perfect area to explore the history of English homes from 1600 to the present day at the Geffyre Museum, have dinner and something sweet at Ottolenghi, have an extensive browse for local designers (among other things) at the Spitalfields Market, browse all things cheap on Petticoat Lane Market around Middlesex Street, eat at the food hall in the Old Truman Brewery, have a drink and marvel at the interior decoration of The Ten Bells Pub (especially at the 19th century mural) or to visit Brick Lane (have you read that book by Monica Ali?). That street is as busy as it was ten years ago and people still love visiting this area, especially on weekends. One thing that makes it exciting for many is the street art in this area. 

Travel Great Britain. Murals in London’s East End - Free Self-Guided Tour

Read: Travel and Feel the Vibe. Street Art explains places. You find the work of famous street artists Stik, ROA and Invader, read about the famous one here and Visit Magic City: Street Art Binge, and many more pieces by lesser known but not less talented artists. Many Street Artists out there don't shy away from large pieces of art. They paint their work over entire facades or walls and often make the shape of permanent structures part of their work. The area around Brick Lane is full of murals. As well as in every other place on earth, the street art in London’s East End changes constantly. Pieces which fascinate you today are probably painted over by tomorrow. No matter how often I visit, I find something new along the way. There are also lots of cafes, markets, restaurants and shops to keep you entertained.

Here come the murals I found on my walk along Brick Lane, Hanbury Street, Buxton Street, Code Street, through Allen Gardens, Fleet Street Hill and the Nomadic Community Garden. If you can't visit now, simply enjoy the photos of these amazing pieces.

by street artist Himbad

by Colombian street artist Stinkfish

by street artist Carleen de Sozer

by street artist Carleen de Sozer

by street artist Jim Vision

by street artist Ketones6000

by street artist Murzer

by street artist Osch (young girl)

Photo Dorothée Lefering. Mural by street artist Senzart91

by street artist Carleen de SHOK1

by street artist Trafic Graphics

The route: Murals in London’s East End - Free Self-Guided Tour

Liverpool Street Station,
walk towards Spitalfields Market. Horner Square, London E1 6EW, UK,
cross Commercial Street,
walk straight into Fournier Street,
turn left into Wilkes Street,
turn right into Princelet Street,
turn right into Hanbury Street,
Walk to the corner of Spital Street,
turn, walk back and turn right on Brick Lane,
turn right into Buxton Street,
turn left into Code Street,
Walk along Allens Garden,
turn left into Fleet Street Hill,
walk left and enter the Nomadic Community Garden,
walk through the garden and back towards Code Street,
walk back to Brick Lane,
turn right into Dray Walk
turn right onto Hanbury Street,
walk towards Commercial Street,
walk back to Liverpool Street Station.

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