On The Touristin I give insight into every place I visit. I love to go for walks at the Louvre in Paris, I love strolls along Southbank in London and visiting the Borough Market, I love to go for walks in the West of Berlin and I love to go shopping all around Las Ramblas in Barcelona. I’m there together with thousands of other tourists and locals who love these places as much as I do.

Engaging as many people as possible in conversation is one way for me to make the world a better place. I'm on a mission. I often get asked how it feels to live and travel in Europe, since it is so dangerous with all these refugees. The business based on fear is blooming. It takes courage to have fun. I'm scared indeed of life in Europe and every single populist and racist who spreads hate. I started this series on The Touristin to hear from people how it feels to travel to Europe these days, and I ask people from different continents about Europe and how they see it. All are passionate about travelling and travelled through Europe over the last weeks or months. Here is what they have to say.

It is important to me that all publications are the full version of each eyewitness’s own feelings and observations. I wrote this about Europe. Travel: This is the truth and nothing else. For more about Europe please also read Travel France. Strasbourg off the beaten track. The European Quarter - the Spirit of Europe. Follow me on Instagram for more Europe.

If you would like to share your story too, please email me.


What’s Happening in Europe – Eyewitness Series

What’s happening in Europe – Eyewitness Series Part One.  
Ben Lee from the UK, Caitlin Kelly from the US and Patrycja Oosthuizen from South Africa.

What’s happening in Europe – Eyewitness Series Part Two
Joy from the UK and Jenny Freedman from Australia.