If you follow this link, you'll find out who I am and how the idea for my blog THE TOURISTIN was born. Touristin is the German word for a female tourist, and I am curious, fearless and happy... one who appreciates being healthy and alive. You might also like to read Traveller versus tourist. Are you the good traveller or only the bad tourist?

You will soon realize there is no niche topic I write about. This wouldn’t be me at all; I can't narrow my interests down to just one thing. Who wants to lead such a dull life? The articles on THE TOURISTIN are about camping and cooking in the bush, going on road trips, as well as visits to galleries and museums or eating at great restaurants. I often even buy shoes or food items when travelling. If it is marvellous and be it in the bush or in a fantastic major city or small hamlet, I share everything I find with you. Don’t let someone put you into one corner, when there are so many others to discover.

My travel style: Everything from roughing it to luxurious, as long as it is fair, green and beautiful. City to bush - if it is marvellous, I spread the word.

I make sure that my visit and behaviour have no negative impact on the environment and locals. I consider it a success whenever I learn about local cultures and biodiversity and when I can support local conservation efforts and local communities, so that locals are empowered to make their own decisions. I want to raise awareness for responsible tourism and want to show the sustainable travel lifestyle to tourists. Nothing we do is perfect, but every little step counts. I ask whether the local community participates from their workplace (I support local businesses instead of resorts/multinationals who take away money from the community). I ask whether workers work under decent conditions? (Fair wages, regulated work hours). To me wildlife is wildlife, and I won’t use it as entertainment, read Wildlife is Wildlife - Sustainable Travel. I live a chemical free life and look for businesses who offer that too.

When I write and share photos on Instagram I keep it fair: I don’t buy followers/likes or engage in performance enhancing measures. Please read about it in detail here: Igramethical is an initiative I started after I studied fraudulent user behaviour on Instagram.

Talk to me on Twitter @DoroLef and on Instagram. I can’t wait hearing from you.

From Berlin With Love Dorothée Lefering