Travel Colombia. Cartagena de Indias Street Art Collection

Street Art creates the opportunity to be suddenly able to hear other people's thoughts. In a way, or is this too dramatic? Most of the street art in Cartagena tells about the history of the town, about indigenous people and about how Spain colonized Cartagena; the situation of Afro-Colombians, the local culture in general and lots of big and small messages about gentrification. You will also find pieces that tell about love, the happy as well as the unfulfilled. 

 Travel Colombia. Cartagena de Indias Street Art Collection

You wouldn’t need to join a guided tour; you will see art on several corners in the walled town by simply walking around, whereas you would find lots in Getsemani around the Church of the Holy Trinity and Calle 29, Plaza del Pozo and the adjoining side streets. As soon as you arrive in the borough of Getsemani you stumble upon lots of street art. Just blend in with the locals that sit on porches or kick a ball on the plaza in front of the church. Many lanes are rather narrow with small children driving around on their bicycles, chickens running around to the seducing sound of music coming through open windows. Simply be respectful; smile and if you aren’t sure probably best ask whether people are OK with you walking around by their front doors. There is no set of rules to follow when you travel, just see how people react to you and enjoy the art.

Cartagena de Indias Street Art Collection

Mural Art at a restaurant in Cartagena

Street Art Blue Balloons in Cartagena

Street Art.  A Broken Heart in Cartagena

Street Art. Red Balloon in Cartagena

Probably not Street Art. Abandoned suitcase in Cartagena

Street Art in Cartagena

White and Blue in Cartagena

Street Carts. White and Blue and Yellow in Cartagena

Abandoned Office Chair in Cartagena

A Tribute to Science in Cartagena

Fernando Botero Replica in Cartagena

Mural Prisma Afro by Yurika  in Cartagena

Mural Calamari Tribe in Cartagena
Small Mural on the Facade of a Restaurant in Cartagena

Mural, Calamari Tribe in Cartagena

Cat by French Artist Mr Papillon

Tribute to Pedro Romero by artist Cero

Mural by street artist DEXS

Mural by artist DJ Lu

Different pieces of Street Art in Cartagena

Mural of a Fish in Cartagena

Heart in a Jar. Street Art in Cartagena

Pedro Romero got 709 likes on Instagram, Street Art in Cartagena
La Sierpe Mural in Cartagena

Maria Mulata Mural by Yurika

The bird Maria Mulata is indigenous to Cartagena. Legend has it that one day when a fire broke out in Getsemani, the at the time very colourful bird rescued the locals by flying them out of the affected area. Locals are forever grateful, but they can’t change the poor thing’s destiny, to live a life with from fire and smoke blackened feathers.

Maria Mulata: The Official Bird of Cartagena de Indias
Mural in Cartagena

Mural of a Native Colombian in Cartagena
Mural of a homeless person guarded by a cherub

Mural on the wall of a restaurant in Cartagena

Mural Pasion Princ ein Cartagena

Mural of Pedro Romero, the leader of the independence movement

Mural Tienda Las Tablitas

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