How to use Twitter as a tourist and make the world your neighbourhood

How come some are always so much more in the know than others? The answer is simple and has been the same for the last thousands and thousands of years. Go through the world with open eyes and be curious. In days gone by people had to chisel information in stone, today we simply tweet stuff.

Let’s say I am about to travel to Positano and would like to find out where to best have food. I search twitter for exactly that and I soon know where to go and where better not to. Don’t forget it is all very subjective, and you truly have to learn to read between the –tweets- to find what you want.

Where else shall I talk to the people of Positano but on twitter, I can hardly write anonymous letters to all citizens in the hope they will get back to me one day … by snail mail … as in please find a return stamp enclosed for your convenience.

Breakfast in Helsinki, Finland

Too often people ask why I would post a picture of my food on twitter, and that gives me the feeling they somehow live not on but right behind the moon. That is like asking me why I get dressed in the morning. I don’t live with some I-love-to-run-around-naked-cult so I have to put on some clothes in the morning, right? I expect to find out from the people in the world where they get the best food or coffee, so I have to give back to them, it is only coherent behaviour.

Twitter is the perfect social media tool

Humans are scared of new things, for the record twitter is not new, but for many it still is. Rather than to say, you know I can’t figure out how it works, people call twitter a silly nuisance.

Twitter is a proper social media network. It allows you to talk to everyone in the whole wide world. Really, it is true, you can talk to everyone out there on twitter. I am not making things up. It is not just plain I follow you, you follow me. Of course, there are these people on twitter who use it as an advertising tool, they want to be admired as the famous ones, and that is their choice. They buy followers and act like robots. Start using twitter and you will soon figure out who these people are. 

If you don’t engage with other users you will never have the full experience and you will never get the full advantage of twitter. It is all about to give and take. Just leave these people be, look for the interesting ones out there, the real people who love to exchange knowledge.

People will also soon figure out if you are a leech and won’t be interested in talking to you, so keep it real. Go and find out for yourself, here is a quick how to set up a twitter account.

How to use Twitter as a tourist and make the world your neighbourhood.

Start using Twitter now

1. Set up a Twitter account with using your own name and photo of you and not a silly fake name like “sexyboy63” or similar. 

2. Write up a short bio that explains why you are on twitter.

3. Start using twitter and see how the world opens up and becomes your neighbourhood. 

4. Keep it real, be nice and friendly.
5. Ask questions you would like to hear answers to. OK, here, I say it just in case, don't be a creep.

6. Talk to people, you might later on even meet them in the real world while on vacation.

Hope to meet you soon in the Twittersphere @DoroLef

From Berlin with love