Visit Poland. Szczecin and world peace

The other day I visited Szczecin and I still can’t pronounce it. Just to put the name into my GPS was a little adventure in itself. Not even half a million people call Szczecin home, and to give you a better idea of where it is, it is the capital city of the Province of West Pomerania in Poland. Pomerania, that is the land by the Baltic Sea. 

Szczecin experienced a lot of chaos

While strolling around town I believe once more that we live in the best times ever but still too many people forget how wonderful it is to live in peace. Like most places in Europe Szczecin also experienced a lot of chaos until it became the town it is today.

This is a brief wrap up of what happened so far. In 1181 Szczecin joined the Holy Roman Empire. In 1278 the town became a member of the Hanseatic League. It was than the capital of the Pomeranian Dukedom for 352 years, until it became part of Sweden, the Kingdom of Prussia and after that even part of the Empire of France. At the beginning of the 18th century the town became part of Germany, and that is why large parts were completely destroyed by the Allies of WW2. After 1945 Szczecin became a part of Poland. 

I know that there are too many problems all over the world, but isn’t it simply fantastic that in Europe people can go to sleep knowing that French President Mr Hollande won’t take over Berlin tomorrow or Swedish Prime Minister Mr Löfven isn’t planning to invade Helsinki any time soon? But what if Britain quits the EU, and what about the rise of populist parties in some nations?

There is so much to think about when travelling. Poland with the largest economy in Central Europe is a big player in the EU and at the moment they fear Russian attack because of the conflict in Ukraine ...

I take shelter from the rain at Café Kafle. The place is a combination of gallery space and foodie hall where you can enjoy vegetarian and vegan breakfast or lunch. Their chocolate-chilly brownie makes happy. The owners are welcoming and friendly and put on the best music ever, one moment it’s Jazz and the next it is Bronski Beat

Café Kafle. Koński Kierat 16. Szczecin, Poland.

You would like to get more info on Szczecin? Please jump onto this website to find out everything there is. It is a town very well off the beaten track for most travellers. Go and visit if you would really like to see a non-touristy place.

From Berlin with love