Discover Street Art in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Spoiled by a lifetime of luxury … do you reckon it does play a role how rich you are when it comes to art? There are so many people who live in an apartment, where the loveliest piece of art is a giant poster bought at Ikea … that sort of thing and they love art, and spend nearly every free minute at a museum or at a gallery. It is complicated, and we can ask the same question over and over again, what in the first place is art? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, same goes for art …

What about Street Art? Many artists surely are in it to become famous and make money, and this approach is legitimate. Others probably want to spread their often political message or simply love the craft of their work, or they are in it for the thrill they get out of the guerrilla act.
Whatever the reason for putting their work out there, looking at it gives me a lot to think and talk about. Walking around town, there were many moments where I felt most surprised and inspired by what I saw. If you travelled around Europe recently you surely recognize the work by these street artists. Come follow me …

Discover Street Art in Rotterdam

Tymon Ferenc de Laat was born in Delft, the Netherlands and graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2001. I saw one of his murals on a wall of the King Kong Hostel and found out he used this mural to ask his girlfriend to marry her, she said yes. He worked on the mural together with the Dutch artist Robert Rost.

Street Artists ICY and SOT

Iranian Stencil Artists ICY AND SOT are based in Brooklyn, NY. Their artwork is about war, peace, hope, despair, society issues and human rights.


French artist Invader

French artist Invader is well known for his video game characters. He believes in “liberating Art from its usual alienators that museums or institutions can be”. This is at the Poortgebouw.

Street artists Exit/Enter from Florence

Street Artist Exit/Enter from Florence is best to be described as one of the top street artists from Italy.


What do you think about the quote of Dutch artist Willem de Kooning? Do you also believe you have to change to stay the same? They put these words on the façade of the Willem de Kooning Academy (WDKA) in Rotterdam. 

Do you like Street Art? I love it. Look what I found in ... 

London, Great Britain. Street Art London.    
Brunswick, Germany. Visit the "Happy Rizzi House" in Brunswick
Berlin, Germany. Berlin –stroll through an open air gallery: Part 1.  
Berlin, Germany. Berlin –stroll through an open air gallery: Part 2.  
Los Angeles, USA. 1 wall mural in Los Angeles.

Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love


  1. I really enjoy street art in all cities. Melbourne has some incredible examples, especially in the laneways in the city.

    1. Absolutely agree, Melbourne is one of these places which triggered my interest in Street Art.

  2. By definition, any piece of creative work appearing to or on the streets is street art. It was a real privilege to see wonderful street art throughout Australia and New Zealand during my RTW. (lieber Gott, diese Beide Länder fehlen mir sehr ...)

    1. Hi Henry, the Street Art in Australia is pretty great, totally understand what you mean. What about the scene in Canada?

  3. Anonymous09:01

    I absolutely love that one with the purple hat and colourful face - so full of colour and life! I never knew Rotterdam had such great street art! If I ever visit, I must try and see some!

    1. You should visit Rotterdam if you are into Street Art. I reckon you are so spoiled for choice in beautiful London.

  4. We love seeking out street art in the cities we visit! We haven't had the chance to visit Rotterdam yet, but will definitely check out the street art when we do! We've saved this article to our Pinterest Street Art board for future reference!

    1. Thank you so much, happy to help :-)


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