Markthal Rotterdam - Expand your consciousness

"A Cappuccino for you?" There is no time to answer the question of the waitress. I am so fascinated by the cow right behind her. The cow protrudes its head cheekily over her shoulder. I take the first sip of my drink and see giant lady birds, caterpillars, and strawberries together with broccoli flying over my head. There are colourful flowers growing everywhere ... above me, all around me, oh well, there is a set of human eyes looking at me from far above and out of the sky above me. This is a truly consciousness-expanding experience. Right. I know what you are thinking ... Rotterdam ... Wrong. I haven't taken any drugs at all. I am in the foodie hotspot of The Netherlands. The Markthal in the centre of Rotterdam is fit for a queen ... and everybody else. This covered food market has been luring food- and architecture-loving travellers ever since the opening by the popular,
clever and friendly Queen Máxima in October 2014.

Dutch artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam built a jigsaw of nearly 4,500 aluminium sheets

As soon as visitors enter the hall through the revolving doors, they let out loud noises of delight (you know the same noises you hear from the crowds at fireworks) before they start a frantic search for their smartphone. Each one of them does this through and through with ardour. It speaks for the hall that there is an ever-changing group of excited people, young and old, near the entrance.

Markthal Rotterdam - Is it a spaceship?

Markthal Rotterdam is a 120 metre-long archway where 100 stallholders and 20 stores sell a diverse range of food from cheese to spices, to toffee apples to flowers, and kitchen equipment on a width of 70 metres. The structure in the form of a horseshoe also houses 228 apartments. Supermarkets plus a parking garage are in the basement. From their apartments residents can look all over the market hall. Try to imagine life in a unique piece of art. Dutch artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam and their team built this jigsaw of nearly 4,500 aluminium sheets to create the artwork with the name Cornucopia. The images of the mural were created and calculated at the computer, and later printed on the panels.

Markthal - Wares are delivered via hidden tunnels

Wares are delivered via hidden tunnels, making sure there will never be vehicles parked outside of the building. When I stand next to the side it pretty much looks like any other modern apartment build to me, it is not pretentious and seems to go on well with its neighbours. Being inside of this enormous structure is as described a totally different story. The Markthal is one more piece of avant-garde architecture in Rotterdam.


I love Holland

Accolades for the market hall in Rotterdam

The Markthal already won the World Architecture News Mixed-Use Award 2014 for an 'original and effective' mix of different functions. It is my first time in Rotterdam but if this hall is any indication I am going to love the city. If you love food and crazy one-of-a-kind architectural finds this place is for you. How do you like The Markthall? Have you been yet or do you plan to visit? Really looking forward to hear from you.

Info. Markthal. Binnenrotte, Rotterdam. The Markthal is open on seven days a week, from Monday to Saturday from 10am - 8pm, and Sundays from 12pm - 6 pm.

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