Eataly in Germany - Schrannenhalle in Munich

This is one of these rare cases where I was so close to being speechless. This can’t be true, not ever and not in a million years. Shall we start right at the beginning? Eat yourself through mountains of cheese and chocolate, have Crêpes, Flammkuchen, try matching wines, and finish off with an espresso. Service with a big smile. All this is the

Schrannenhalle in Munich 

This hall in the city centre right next to the world famous outdoor market the Viktualienmarkt is a place where locals rub shoulders with foodie-tourists and that without even the slightest irritated bat of an eyelid. Do you also belong to this breed of travellers who travels to a place foremost to eat local delicacies and hang out at the latest trendy espresso bars? I do.

The Marienplatz looks big enough, right? Not really I heard, it became too small for the grain market and they had to build the Schrannenhalle in 1853 as the new grain exchange on the edge of the Viktualienmarkt. Just in case you wonder, Schranne is granary in the Bavarian language. For starters, you can only truly speak Bavarian with rolling your R’s ... best of luck with the pronunciation of Schranne.

Marienplatz - not big enough for the grain market

Schrannenhalle - rediscovered in the mid-70s of the 21st century

Only 20 years or so later, in 1873, people already began to complain that the hall is too far from the central station, and by 1912 the grain trade at this place has been abandoned altogether. It became a warehouse for this and that, at one point it was partly dismantled. The property was rediscovered only in the mid-70s of the 21st century and rebuilding started soon after in the 80s. Smaller stores and gastronomy moved in at the beginning of the new millennium, when also events were held occasionally. The tenant and his ideas unfortunately didn’t meet the expectation of customers, hence filed for bankruptcy in 2008.  
For years there were discussions what to do with this place. Politicians couldn’t really make up their mind. Another investor takes over, and does everything to put the hall to its best use (with respecting the neighbouring stallholders at the Viktualienmarkt). He turned the hall into what it is today. So far so good.

While I am sitting in this massive but very cozy illuminated foodie hangar shielded away from the outside drinking a cappuccino, a waiter tells me “It is all very lovely indeed but the project did not prove to be economical enough for everyone and now every tenant has to move out in the not so far away future, at the beginning of April”.

You see, I bet right now you are as speechless as I was when I heard the news. The tenants surely invested a lot of money and effort to make this place as inviting as it is. They wouldn't have a problem to create a perfect new space for their business. While finishing my hot drink I get over the initial shock as I find out that the new tenant is Eataly. And this is for sure going to be most wonderful. 

Schrannenhalle goes Eataly

Have you heard of Eataly? I asked around, and have been told how amazing it is. It is the dream of Italian Food for everyone, and all about honest food, delicious food, and educating people about food, this is slow food in the true sense of the word (Slow Food is a non-profit eco gastronomic organization). Founder and creator of Eataly is Oscar Farinetti and ever since 2007 he opened stores all over the world in Italy, USA, Dubai, Turkey, Japan and now Germany. 

The reason Eataly chose Munich as a locale

I am sure their marketing and research team worked hard on that decision, and I have to say it feels like Munich is pretty much the best place for that project in Germany. Munich has got a certain flair, and people really seem light-hearted and open minded when it comes to good food. To me this sounds like the perfect fit, often when I am in Munich I feel like being sort of in Southern Europe already.

Schrannenhalle - soon to be Eataly

Do you also like to visit restaurants and markets when travelling? Have you ever been to Eataly somewhere in the world? Where is your favourite foodie spot in Munich? Can you pronounce Schrannenhalle?

From Berlin with love