Travel and Eat: The taste of travel

My twitter friends Ever Thought of Trying asked me to share my very own menu selection. Thanks so much for your interest and the nomination for the #tasteoftravel challenge. A lovely part of my life is to eat at restaurants, at least 2 to 3 times a week. As it out of a sudden occurred to me, I hardly have any pics of food, and here is the thing; just imagine you are a chef at a restaurant and you work a long time to get the dish as fantastic as you would like it to be. The end result, as in the food that ends up on our plate, is all about the right ingredients and preparation and composition, as well as it is about the presentation, the selection of the china, and they probably even think of the right cutlery and whatever else there is to think about.

Than the day arrives when we come in and order this dish, it gets served, the lighting at the restaurant is intimate, all is set in a romantic and welcoming way, and bang what do we do instead of starting to eat and acknowledging the beautiful creation in front of us? We start taking pics, and in most cases we do that poorly. Come on, we all have seen it, people share everything on social media, blurry pics of cafes, restaurants and of food (sometimes even of half eaten portions). How do you feel when someone takes a very inappropriate pic of you or your work? Just saying …

Back to the challenge. I have the best memories of last year and eating at organic restaurant The Plant Café in San Francisco, USA, the vegan Mexican restaurant Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, USA, The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa, and the Catalonian restaurant 7 Portes in Barcelona. Oh well, I shall not forget my Berlin favourite where I go to as often as I can, Wintergarten im Literaturhaus. Did I mention that last week I had lunch at The Pot Luck Club in Cape Town, South Africa? I had many more outstanding foodie experiences, and believe it or not, I never took a pic of what I ate. Still, I managed to find a few images on my phone of the food I love to eat.

As a starter I would like to go for Dolmades = Stuffed vine leaves with rice and herbs, Melitzana Salata = Aubergine salad, Tzatziki = Yogurt dip with garlic, cucumbers and olive oil with crusty bread and a Frape = Iced coffee from Greece.

As a main I would like to go for grilled vegetables, halloumi cheese and balsamic glaze from Greece.

For dessert I would like to go for syrup coated Koeksisters from South Africa.

I would love to nominate the following three for the #tasteoftravel challenge, because I well know they all love to eat.

1. The one and only Franca and Dale from Anglo Italian follow us (I promised, but still haven’t managed to invite them over for dinner).

2. The ever so entertaining Sam and Zeb from Indefinite Adventure (I hope they are going to come over to my place for dinner soon).

3. The truly magnificent Pola from Jetting Around (I had dinner with her in December at Lutter & Wegner Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin).

Is it OK to take pics at restaurants? Do you ask for permission before you take a picture of your food? What do you think? Can’t wait to hear from you.

From Berlin with love