Travel Australia - 20 things to do in one day in Sydney

I know I know I know. No one wants to be a bloody tourist, but we all are. “Nah, won’t do it, that's just for "tourists." This is a typical "tourist trap." I really can’t say it often enough, I like being a "tourist-in" because being a "tourist" is so much nicer than sitting at home and watch TV. Most people dream to see Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales in Australia at least once in their lifetime. Dunno what they expect, they arrive at the airport and turn into a Sydneysider that instant? That is most certainly not going to happen, so everyone calm down and come with me on this very touristy (just saying) but very lovely day in Sydney. It is so worth the trip. Whenever I think of Sydney I think of the colour blue, read on and you will find out why.

Prepare for your day in Sydney

Preparation for the day might go like this: Unpack suitcase, brush your teeth, take a shower, check the weather ten times, change your shoes four times, repack handbag twice, stow passport in the safe, put sandals on, oh no, rather sneakers. Rubbish, we are in Australia, put the sandals on again, now the pants won’t go with the shoes, another change of clothes, nevertheless pack sneakers just in case it starts to rain, meaning you will have to carry them the whole time

Road map, guide book, hang camera around your neck ... The pants won’t go with the sneakers, looks like in the end you decide to leave them in the room. Do you need a jacket? Batteries for the camera … and off you go.

Sydney - Could life be any better?

Your day begins with a bus trip to Bondi North. Here you can eat breakfast first, there are plenty of cafes. You will need energy for the day ahead. Perfect can’t go any better. Go for a leisurely walk at Bondi Beach. This is probably Australia's most famous beach. End the beach walk at Icebergs right at the beginning of the beach. Have a cappuccino while drinking in the stunning view over the pool, the beach and the ocean.

Walk along Tamarama and Bronte Bay

 Believe it or not, it is true, there are people in this world who live here. Take a short bus ride to the suburb of Paddington. Go for a stroll and have lunch. From here you take another brief bus ride to Circular Quay. Jump onto a ferry to Manly, take pictures of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge while on board. Take it all in, the breeze, the blue sea and the vast sky. In Manly go for a beach walk, watch the surfers, have a sunset drink at the beach or even better at the pier.

Take the ferry back to the Circular Quay

Walk over to the Opera Bar, grab another drink, look at the bats flying out of the city over your head, the bridge and the Opera house. Life couldn’t be any better, right?

A large swimming pool next to a three-storey white cubic building with the name Bondi Icebergs with a view over the ocean.

Green-blue water of the ocean and a sandy beach in a small bay next to colourful houses around a sandy beach in the next bay.

A large yellow-green-coloured passenger ferry with the name Freshwater Sydney arriving at the pier under a bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

The glossy white and matte cream tiled and decorated sails of a performing arts centre (Sydney Opera House) under a big blue sky.

A two-storey Victorian period property with a red entrance door and a frangipani tree in its front garden behind a delicate grey iron-clad fence.

You can use buses, trains, ferry's, taxis, or even the light rail while in Sydney, for all info please check here

Are you planning to travel to Sydney? You have been, so what is your favourite thing to do in Sydney? Looking forward to hearing from you.

From Berlin with love