Some people sell their own grandma for a few quid

While in Dresden, that is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany, I saw this super cute street artist and his fluffy white dog. Together they both knew exactly how to entertain their audience, everyone was so very cheerful and kept laughing about their performance wholeheartedly. The people took so many pics, from all different angles, and some in the crowd even took selfies with the two of them in it. In between, the artist did some moon walking, it was real fun.

I took a few pics and while looking at the pair I noticed that hardly anyone donated a coin for the show. How come so many people just want to take whatever they can for free, and don’t even feel bad about not giving anything back? The concept of a street performance is based on honesty. There is of course no written agreement, and there is no one checking tickets. Is the society as a whole not ready to act responsible? Shouldn't our own conscience limit the actions we take?

How do people in the audience feel? "Oh wow, I have been fabulously entertained and it didn't cost me a thing." Come on, this is lame. Everyone talks about supporting the ones around you, making the community a better place, and saving the planet, but sadly, far too many people are greedy free riders. They might be good talkers, true, but what about walking the talk for a change? Wouldn’t it be truly fantastic to behave friendly (and decent) … and not only at Christmas but always and forever?

This is only a street artist performance I know, but it made me think. Have you ever sold your Grandma for a few quid and felt like a rock star because you secured a great deal? Do you donate a cold coin to street artists? Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love