Travel Germany - The Day of the Dead

If you are in Germany right now you might start to wonder why the Christmas Markets still aren't opened. Today is the Day of the Dead, Totensonntag in German, and that is a bank holiday in all German states. Some of you might call it public holiday, depending on from which side of the pond you are reading this. 

It is a day for the remembrance of the dead. It is a day of mourning and commemoration. It is a silent day, and there is no music and no dancing, and hence there is no Christmas cheer. The sunset over Berlin was so magical tonight. It was almost as someone had organized this silent show in pink and red especially, for all the ones we were forced to let go.

From tomorrow on there is Christmas lights, Christmas sweets, Christmas music, mulled wine … and it is going to be a wonderful time of the year.

From Berlin with love