MTBB Meet Travel Bloggers Berlin - October 2014

Thanks everyone for coming along and for making #MTBB such a great evening. It was great to talk about so many fantastic concepts and visions. For those of you who couldn’t make it because you were too busy blogging here is a short wrap-up of the night (that way you are not missing out).

Karla Brunet is a photographer, artist and researcher. She is the blogger behind errante, a travel blog in English and Portuguese. Errante in English is wanderer. She loves to travel solo.

Ivers is the founder of the Copertura Label, his company combines fashion and technology.

Mark Downey from The Bakery told us about his life as an App Designer and his newest product Y5. Who needs a secure WIFI connection when on the road? 
Dmitry Monin is the CEO and Founder of Lindalino, the brand which makes trip planning easier for travellers.

Peter, a German speaking blogger in his seventies wants to inspire the over 70 year olds to travel the world. Did you know that this group is officially labelled as the grey market

Florian Greiner-Petter founded the first Traveldeal-Blog in Germany, called The Product Manager calls Berlin home and travels as much as he can.

Ben Salt loves travel, tourism, volunteering, photography, and writing. He recruits skilled volunteers for NGOs and works on a responsible travel related website.


If you would like to present your blog or company at one of the next meetings please contact me


From Berlin with love