Travel USA. A wall mural in Los Angeles and its story

Street Art is for everyone. It makes cities, towns or villages friendlier and happier and very often even gives people something to think about. Especially wall murals add colour to everybody’s lives. 

While driving through Los Angeles I came across a pretty beautiful one. I braked hard, jumped off the car and took a photo at just about the right time … one moment later and it would probably have turned out differently. As I researched the artist I quickly found out that there were two behind the  project. They have done the mural for a Nissan advertising campaign. Apex is based in San Francisco and NEFF in Venice, California.

Visit the artist: NEFF

It fascinates me that I took a picture and only found out later that there is a story behind it. When and where has this happened to you? Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love