For speciality coffee lovers: 6 espresso-based drinks

Some say Sheryl Sandberg will turn the role of women in society, especially at the workplace around. Some say the German economy needs Angela Merkel to be successful. Some say the world needs Barack Obama to achieve world peace ... Well, we cannot be too certain about these things but one thing is for sure: The more people wanting to drink amazing coffee, the bigger the rock star status of Baristas (coffee makers). 

In Australia, that group already decides on the survival and existence of Cafés and even people, who equip their massive entertainment kitchen with a Porsche-like espresso machine, want to be like them and enrol in courses at a Coffee Academy to learn the art of coffee brewing. Who wants to alienate visitors by offering bad coffee? Wouldn’t that be worse than a bad hair day? What are espresso-based drinks?

In Melbourne - Looks Just About Right

What are espresso-based drinks?

6 different espresso styles

Short Black 30ml espresso in a small cup.
Long Black 30 ml of espresso in a cup filled with hot water, some milk.
Latte Espresso with steamed milk and 1 cm of milk foam, served in a glass.
Cappuccino 30 ml Espresso with of 50% hot milk and 50% milk foam.
Flat White Espresso with milk served in a ceramic cup.
Mocha Latte 30 ml Espresso, 1 heaped teaspoon of drinking chocolate, served in a large cup with frothed hot milk and 1 cm of milk foam. 

That is how they serve drinks in Copenhagen

What is your favourite espresso drink? Where do you get your fix? Looking forward to hearing from you.

From Berlin with love