How it happened: I met 5 TRLT-Tweeps in real life

Over the last months I met a lot of people because I love to talk about travelling. But it is not what you think. I neither met them at a social media workshop or at a swanky bar, nor have I met them in the wee hours of a loud party or at a relaxed fete in my local park. I met all of them on twitter. I speak to them regularly every Tuesday night about “The road less travelled.” 

The chat was founded by the inspiring Savannah Grace and Shane Dallas, please follow their adventures online.

I have no exact idea how many Tweeps there are at the always very animated TRLT-chat, but so far, and I count myself lucky, I have met five of the community in person. The catch ups in Berlin were obviously very different to our usual meet ups and I was amazed how much we had to talk about. Over coffee and cake and later when I took them on walks through the streets of Berlin, we covered pretty much everything from blogging, LGBT rights, feminism, WW2, GDR to Street Art. At one meet up we also included a little chat about traffic regulations in our home countries. Everyone had their own little tale to tell.

I only have pics of the two meetings with Sarah and Shane, because somehow I forgot to take my camera to the other three. Marta, Ilana and Jens live in close proximity, so I hope we will get together again in the near future.

Hanging out with Uneven Tenor and Travel Camel in Berlin
Have you ever met fellow tweeps in the real world? How was it? Please contact me when you are around, I would love to meet as many #TRLT-Tweeps as I can. Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love