Building a snowman. 6 ski areas in 3 Australian states

Snowman in Oz
No one ever asked me whether it is possible to build a snowman in Australia. Over the years I met many people who would have never thought that there are indeed seasons with cold spells. The gruesome truth is there are times when we cannot run around in a bikini. 

Do you know that it even snows in some parts of this dried out country with the big red rock in its centre? 3 out of 8 states happily call June to end of
September the snowy season in their alpine areas: Tasmania, NSW and Victoria.

Spontaneously I would say no one flies to Australia to spend a holiday in the snow. And yet it has a very special appeal to see all these eucalyptus trees covered in snow. So, why not do something completely different and go there in winter? And after a trip to the snow you can still make your way to the far away and pretty lonely outback.

Would you have ever imagined that you can travel to the Australian outback and to a ski resort all on one trip? Sunset at Uluru and icy air in the alps ...

Victorian Alps

Six ski areas in three Australian states

1. Ben Lomond is Tasmania's main ski area and has a wide range of facilities for snow lovers. (Tasmania.) 

2. Mt Mawson in Mount Field National Park with constant snowfall in winter from mid-July to mid-September. There are slopes for beginners and advanced skiers. (Tasmania.)

3. Charlotte Pass. Take the snowmobile from Perisher Valley to the ski fields. This is where they once recorded the lowest temperature in Australia, -23 degrees Celsius. (New South Wales).

4. Perisher, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow and Guthega are four separate areas, but if there is enough snow, skiers and snowboarders can ride from one end to the other. (New South Wales). 

5.  Mount Hotham Alpine Resort has slopes for skiers and boarders that are suitable for beginners, the experienced and advanced. On Mary's Slide you’ll find the most difficult downhill course in the country. (Victoria).

6.  Falls Creek in the Alpine National Park is an area for beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders. (Victoria).

Wee bit nippy to wear a bikini

Have you ever been to the desert and to a ski resort on one trip? I am looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love