Hong Kong - 3 excellent ways to see it from above without taking a helicopter flight

Hong Kong, the home of funky Billy Chin and little Sammy Chung, is far more worth than just a stopover. Wouldn't it be great if I could go there every weekend? For shopping, strolling, amazement, smelling, touching, eating and … sweating? For me Hong Kong is as exciting for my senses as a roller coaster ride is for my stomach. It would probably never become boring to me. I mean, just the sound of it: Hong Kong.

Where do I start and where do I stop? Hong Kong looks amazing from all directions. When I arrived I was all jittery and wanted to explore. Why not just with a view from the top? A heli ride, would be great, but is not exactly dirt cheap. Sightseeing flights for 15 minutes are HK $ 5,500, for 30 minutes HK $ 11,000 and HK $ 22,000 for 60 minutes. I am going to spend my money elsewhere. As soon as that decision was settled, I started using my saved money without a guilty conscience on other little adventures. I found out how to see the city from above without going on a heli flight.

Ding ding through Hong Kong

I jumped on a tram. At this moment you might ask yourself how you can see a city from above from inside a tram. It is possible in Hong Kong. They have double-decker trams in the northern part of Hong Kong. The view I have from the upper deck is pretty brilliant and the ride with those in 1904 introduced vehicles is not expensive. Tickets cannot be bought, because there are none. When you get on the tram you simply throw money into a box, it is the equivalent of as good as nothing. They run every few minutes from the city center and up till 12am. 

A ride is shaky, hot and exceptionally funny, especially when the trams are busy with passengers.

Le 188 in North Point

Hong Kong’s skyline is best to be marveled at at night and from above. I made my way to a bar in a high riser. It does come in so handy, that I saved massively earlier in the day with not taking the helicopter flight. I am sitting in the bar Le 188 located on the 41st floor of a hotel in North Point. What a sight. I hold my breath because I am having a for those moments typical "I-feel-on-top-of-the-world" feelings. Life cannot be better … at least not on this moment. I am pretty sure you don't want to see the picture I took, big fail, I am so glad I captured that moment with my heart.

Hong Kong - The Peak

When you boot up the mountain in the little train, all skyscrapers start to resemble the leaning tower of Pisa. The track is so steep, almost vertical (or so it seems). While the train battles its way up the 400 meters up the mountain, my impression that the view is going to be just excellent slowly grows. The views of the city and the bay is bombastic and I am not exaggerating, not at all. When you drive up you best take a seat on the right, that way you already have the view over Hong Kong.

Once I got over the initial shock of such beauty and shot hundreds of photos, I went for a walk on the top. I could have taken a rickshaw ... I would not have been in Hong Kong, if I would not have had the opportunity to go shopping up there (and again, guilt free, I have fortunately saved on the helicopter flight). To make it really perfect I had my picture taken next to Bruce Lee, made from wax ... Do not forget to go down on the left side. Return tickets are HK$ 40.

To get into the mood for Hong Kong it is excellent to listen to Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting. As soon as I start listening to it a deep feeling for the place develops as fast as lightning. If you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about google it please. You will then also soon find out who are Billy Chin and Sammy Chung.

Have you been to Hong Kong? Do you like the song as much as I do? What is your favourite thing to do? Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love